Thursday, October 18, 2007

girl band?

I know.. i know.. i'm in a mood to blog now.. so this will be my 3rd post for tonight *sigh* no life without my bb..

I just got to know that Spice Girls has got back together for a reunion tour in Vancouver on 2nd Dec 2007.. do you still remember them? let me fresh your memory on how they look like before and now..

Any Spice Girl's fans out there??

Anyway, as i was browsing for the Spice Girl's info.. i came across a new 'girl' band called Venus Flytrap.. they're from thailand and Sony BMG just signed them! check out the raunchy saucy video :-

Aren't they SUPER DUPER sexy? they're NOT real girls, you know.. so stop drooling guys! unless you like the trans-gender :) darn! i wish i can have their bodies for sure *sigh* even some us, girls don't have such tight hot hoochie mamamia body.. agree?

ps: btw, the real guy in the video is cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~