Sunday, October 21, 2007

~ congrats! ~

PHEW! i just got back from my friend's wedding.. it was supposedly to start at 7pm sharp.. that was what written on the invitation card.. but the bride and groom were 2 hours late themselves! =.=

Anyway, me and my ex-collegemate, chun wee arrived at 7pm.. he came over to pick me up as he's staying at ampang which is quite near to my place and the wedding dinner venue is at cheras.. just nearby.. before everyone arrives, i managed to take some pictures :-

This is chun wee, my ex-collegemate.. known him since 8 years ago :-

And this is ah choy.. he's a very funny guy and i've known him for as long as i've known the groom, han.. few years already.. he was the camera man of the night :-

As for the food pictures, you can click here.. the most important moment of a chinese wedding isn't about the food.. it's ALL about the alcohol!! everybody kept on 'yam seng' @ drink to success :-

At last before me and chun wee left, i managed to ask chun wee to take pic for me with the bride and groom :-

Yea i know i'm fat =.= but my bb still loves me :P i can't wait to have MY own wedding and wedding photos taken.. hmmm... maybe after my bb comes back this time around? *wink*


Russ said...

Wahh... bebee, you look so pretty in that pic!!!! *droolz*

All the guys from the workshop look so drunk & happy! Wish I was there too..

As for wedding pics.. can.. but wont your hair be short by then? ;P

moi said...

I have a suggestion. Have a wedding away from home (like in Hawaii, Paris, etc.) with only close family members and friends.

:: Nicole :: said...

ok bb.. i'll keep my hair long.. just for the pics.. heheh..

moi: wah! that would b an expensive wedding.. russ comes from a BIG family btw.. hehehe..