Sunday, October 14, 2007

krispy kreme?

Yea i know i'm a lil outdated about all this Krispy Kreme craze *sigh* BUT thanks to Ivy, i got my hands on some Krispy Kreme doughnuts yesterday!! wohooooo!!! thanks babe :)

Although she just got me half a dozen, i'm happy already :) and the dougnuts were flown ALL the way from UK! here's me smiling with my precious precious doughnuts :-

And here's some out-of-shape doughnuts (original glazed, chocolate iced kreme filled, glazed lemon filled, cinnamon apple filled, lemon merinque) :-

My bb too was excited to have a bite on one of those delicious doughnuts :-

He got his hands on the glazed chocolate cake while i, got my hands sweet with the original glazed doughnuts :-

I'm telling you that it is the MOST SUPER DUPER delicious doughnuts that i've EVER tasted!! it was just heavenly and it's un-describable.. i could feel that tears rolling down my cheeks... hahaha.. nah, i'm just a lil over exaggerating.. hehehe..

Anyway, the nearest Krispy Kreme stores which i can find will have to be in Indonesia and the Philippines.. DARN! hmmm.. what if.. just what IF i open a franchise here in Malaysia?? would there be any customers??


Adrianne said...

When I was in my 3rd year in uni, one of my Marketing textbook has a free $10 Krispy Kreme voucher in it and I've been looking for this Krispy Kreme everywhere to my dismay. I've never had one in my life. Didn't see it too when I was in HK, so yeah, if you open up a franchise here, I'll be one of your customers :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

im sure u will have the customers..but do look properly..its 10 stores at a go and must be net worth 30mil USD!! that might be a tiny problem..

Anonymous said...


Try Big Apple Doughnuts at The Curve. Superbly good too! I have not had Krispy Kreme before - but I bet Big Apple would be able to give them a fight for their money. :)


:: Nicole :: said...

adrianne: IF i do open an outlet here, don't blame me if u get hooked to the doughnuts and gain weight :P~

joe: is it? i haven't read it yet :P

maxine: yea i know about the Big Apple donuts but it doesn't look so appealing to me.. heheh... i worship the krispy kreme already now.. hahahaha..