Monday, October 29, 2007

sick doggie?

Sorry peeps for not updating my blog as frequent.. i didn't had the mood or time to blog as boboie was not feling well.. took him to the vet at least twice already.. he wasn't eating right.. he walked away from his food for at least 2 days!

At first me and my mum thought that he might be choosy with his food but he wasn't.. we got worried and took him to the vet when boboie started to vomit.. it was his 2nd time vomiting.. he vomited some yellow-ish fluid.. the vet said boboie vomited coz boboie had gastric.. either not enough food in his stomach OR no food..

Many people had asked me not to feed boboie too much.. as he's fat and heavy.. boboie now weighs 6.17kg.. i tried not feeding him too much BUT ended up, him vomiting.. so i got no choice.. i have to feed him til he gets full..

Me, my bb and my mum were so worried about him.. but thank god he's starting to eat again this morning.. i think the medicine which the vet gave helps :) it neutralized the acids in boboie's stomach.. boy, it was not an easy task to feed boboie his medicine.. i had to hold his upper jaw, pulled down his lower jaw with my right hand and stuff the pill way into this throat.. and then close his mouth and massage his throat.. finally, i have to give a soft blow to his nose to startled him so he'd swollow his pill.. this was taught by the vet! :)

Boboie's heartworm medicine (comes in different flavors).. for prevention of heartworm disease.. have to be taken once every month :-

This is boboie's pills for his gastric (name wrongly spelt) :-

Boboie's new and BIGGER cage.. he now sleeps with his pillow and toys :-

And here he is, sleeping on the floor instead =_='

After pee pee, i put him to bed :-

I love boboie so much.. if anything happens to him i'd be extremely sad and devastated but thank god, he's fine now :)



lovegoddess said...

eekk..6kg plus for a shih tzu is quite heavy ! better watch his diet...don't be like my fatty schnauzer..she's weighs a hefty 8kg !! but then again she's got big bone frame

good to know boboie is better now..its so sad to see a furry cutesy animal in sickness... speaking of which..i gotta take my dog see the vet ear infection...sighh..

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i saw the chart for shih tzu.. their weight should be between 5.5kg - 9kg.. the vet said boboie isn't overweight.. if i cut down on his food, he'd vomit..

Par said...

I hope he get well soon.
Thats a big crate, I want to get one for my baby gal as well.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks :) i hope boboie will get well soon.. he vomit again this morning.. sigh.. i really have to feed him enough AND on time as well