Tuesday, October 16, 2007

it's time, again?

I REALLY HATE this feeling that i'm having right now.. it's time for my bb to fly off.. AGAIN.. it's been more than a year since i got to know my bb and YET i haven't been able to get used to seeing him flying off to another country to work :(

Yea i know that it's his job and i've been ranting about all this before on my blog a couple of times, but HEY, this is my blog.. i can rant whatever i want :P *sigh* it's just so hard to let go especially when we've spent so much time together ever since my bb got back in august.. we were practically inseparable.. even when we sleep, he'd hug me tight..

There was a night, while i was sleeping.. my bb hugged me tight and told me that he loves me so much.. he asked me 'do you know that i love you so so much?'.. and every time when i tell him that i love him, he'd tell me that he loves me more.. and oh, he loves the indo mee that i cooked for him as supper.. even it's at 3am or 4am.. indo mee and top with a sunny side up :) i WOULD miss cooking for my bb *sigh*

I've to tell myself AGAIN that he'd be gone for 6 weeks ONLY.. as usual it'd be so F**KING difficult for me the 1st few days.. hopefully i could occupy myself with things to do.. so anyone has any plans, do sms me yah? :)

ps: to my bb, i love you.. so so so much.. i know no matter how much i tell you that i love you, you'd always love me more *muacks*


JasonPhoon said...

awww ...

so sad , the travelling man.

I miss my bb too :(

Russ said...

I love u bebee.. more n more each day.. it was hard for me to say bye to you too.. each time I see you cry before I leave, it breaks my heart.. pls be strong ok? Look after Boboie and enjoy ur PSP!! :)

:: Nicole :: said...

jason: *sigh*

bb: i'm sorry that i always cry when u leave.. i just couldn't bear to say goodbye to u.. i love u bb.. this much |-------------------------------------------------------------------|