Monday, May 28, 2007

~ my bb is sick ~

This morning when i woke up to use the bathroom, my bb was awake.. he asked me for a panadol and told me he's sick.. i felt his forehead and he's having a fever!! i quickly went to the kitchen to take 2 tablets Panadol ActivFast for him.. he was shivering under the blanket.. my poor bb.. i felt so helpless.. after an hour or so, his fever went down a bit..

But at 10.30am, i went out with my mum and took
boi boi along.. we went to buy some food back home.. as i was driving, i was worried about my bb sleeping at home alone AND feeling sick.. i went to a pharmacy and got him some medicines before going home :-

This is the anti
biotic which i got.. he has to take 1 twice a day for 3 days

And i got him some fever/headache tablets

I hope it's not dengue fever *praying*.. my bb got this fever last night after having dinner with my family.. here's some pictures that i took :-

Unique Fisherman is the place we went y
esterday.. if i'm not mistaken, they have another outlet at PJ

We had a table outside
as it was full inside

A round table for 8

A BIG HUGE aquarium for ALL the different kind of seafood

My bowl of sharkfin with scallop and crabmeat *yummy*

Deep fried fish.. my bb's
fav way to cook a fish :)

Fried prawns with soy sauce

Claypot seafood beancurd/tofu

The restaurant pork specialty.. chef recommendation..

Stir fried kai lan

Last but not least, my bb's fav dish.. the sweet and sour pork!

ps: gonna go and check on my bb now..


lovegoddess said...

your poor bb..i hope he'll be well soon. better look out for spots on his skin..tat could be signs for denggi. most likely yr bb just havin' fever, mayb its d lousy weather

myself today stil recovering from residual fever, yesterday was torturous ! mine was caused by dehydration

i tried the unique seafood in PJ, it was delish but expensive laa

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Could be due to the hot weather. Have more 'coolin' food like green bean soup.Dengue fever, u feel cold & then hot. Better c a doctor as soon as possible. Wish russ speedy recovery.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hope he get well soon.. i done a review b4 at this place..yes the pork knuckle damn good rite??

:: Nicole :: said...

thanks for ALL your concerns.. i'd take care of him :) hopefully he'd recover soon

jasonphoon said...

sweet and sour pork is my favorite dish too .

aww , i feeel like eating that tonight .. :(

:: Nicole :: said...

jason: lol.. me too.. last night not enough.. my cousin took most of it *sigh*

Jason Ong said...

Hi Nic, sorry to hear that your bb is not feeling well. Wish him a speedy recovery. Just a little bit concern, how sure r u that the antibiotic u bought for him is the rite. Better consult the doctor.Wrong antibiotics might lead to other site effects.

Tony said...

Whats with everyone now days ? Almost everyone i know is sick, even me =.= just came back from the doctor...

Still recovering from sore throat, flu, and nose bleed. Gosh ! Has been bleeding non stop for almost 1 hor T_T

Russ , hope u get well soon ya,

ckwei said...

can't say i'm glad to say this, but at least be grateful that russ fell sick at home where he has u to take care of him and all the space to relax and recover rather than falling sick later on a ship in cramped quarters with accompanying love/homesickness and having no one to take care of him rite? regardless, wish he has a speedy recovery..

i myself am down with severe flu, and the chilly weather is doing nothing to help it.. only cure - instant tomyam soup :(

:: Nicole :: said...

everyone: thanks for all the well wishes.. he's doing fine now.. no more fever.. just sore throat.. thank god he's alright :)

ckwei said...

try this remedy : get a a box of raisins(usually i use the yellow variant), get a cup, fill it with 1/4 full with the raisins, then fill the rest of the cup up with boiling water. leave it to cool, when it has cooled enuff but still sufficiently warm, drink it sip by sip. after the first round, u can reuse the raisins by pouring a 2nd round of boiling water. drink that every few hours.. for me it takes less than 1 day to 1+ day for the sore throat to vanish, depending on the severity :)

:: Nicole :: said...

his throat is very swollen and infected.. sure that works?

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Drink honey for sore throat. It always works for me. But better to go see doctor la.

ckwei said...

am not sure about swollen, but u know the small ball of mass in the throat? i've tried it when tat said ball of mine was severely swollen before, and causes pain even when swallowing. waking up as a torture too cos it hurts most when u wake up. it still works though, but like i said, depends on the severity, the duration will differ. for me it'll take 1-2 days, but it never fails.

if u think its too serious, better go see the doctor.

:: Nicole :: said...

thanks guys for the remedies :) but he's taking antibiotics now