Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Okay.. here are the pictures that i got from lovegoddess :-

That's me, my bb, lovegoddess's friend AND tony

Lovegoddess and her friend with me and my bb :)

For more pictures, click here

And the pictures below is from my bb's camera.. took it during the street tuners carnival.. enjoy!

Me and tony at the entrance of the carnival :)

Me and jesz @ Miss TXN AND the zonda at the background.. hehe..

Do not judge a book by its cover.. this is NOT a BMW.. it's just a proton.. don't believe? you better do..

Ta-dah! how could i forget... justin's ride!!

For more pictures of the cars, please proceed to here
.. i'd upload more pictures once my bb is awake as i do not know where he keeps his files pictures.. hehe..