Sunday, May 06, 2007

thursday, friday, saturday and sunday?

Sorry peeps for not updating my blog as frequent as i used to.. hehe.. (people are demanding for updates already)

Anyways, on thursday me and my bb went for the Spiderman 3 show at 1Utama.. we bought tickets for the 3 o'clock show.. i completely forgot that my bb had my camera in his pocket til he took it out and snapped some pictures in the cinema! *a slap on my forehead*

That's me on the comfy GOLD class sofa :)

My legs and my bb's legs on the right.. hehe..

And as most people knew, me and my bb went to have lunch with lovegodess and justin on friday.. think i won't blog much about that as you could read it here.. but i do have an album for that lovely lunch here

There we were at italiannies, 1Utama having a good time :)

After the lunch, we followed justin back to his office and he demonstrated the home theater system to us even tho we already bought it! hehe..

As for saturday, we didn't do much.. me and my bb just stayed at home watching 24.. haha.. think we went to SS2 to buy prison break :p we're turning into tv series addicts!!

For sunday, we spent half of the day at home.. my bb polished my car headlights for me :) it was in a pretty bad shape condition.. took him a few hours to polished both lights.. here are the before and after pictures :-

The polished headlight.. it's supposed to be like this.. not like...


Can see the difference?? i've to thank my bb for taking his time to polished it for me *muacks*


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

How did russ polish the car plastic headlamp?? What polisher did he use??? Have a nice day.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

It has been ages since i last went to the movies. Movies in china cost a bomb! One ticket for show like Spiderman3 cost RMB100 = RM50. Expensive, eh? Plus popcorn and drinks... probably add up to abt RM70 for a movie, per person. And yet the cineplex are always full house..Crazy!

jasonphoon said...

you didn't mention whether you liked spidey3 ?

to me it's alright with some totally uneccesary parts (dancing?) which totally weirded the movie.

Russ said...

hehe, I also didnt like Spiderman 3.. not as good as #2.. horny, its by Meguiar's called 'PlastX' u can buy it at the DIY hardware shop in 1 utama.. quite tricky to use though..

Wah baby, u blogged about all this stuff before I could.. :P

zewt said...

eh wah eh wah.... big home theatre system u have.... why dont we have a gathering at your house la... simple hahahaha!!

lovegoddess said... nice your bb wash and polish car for you ;)

weii! you look so comfy at the GOLD class cinema. me have been wanting to go for it!

hhmm..i should do it soon! looks so cosy !

Russ said...

Eh, Zewt, thats not our house lah! Kekeke, read properly next time, that was at 1 Utama GSC Gold Class ler.. kekeke, and the bottom one was at the Bose showroom and we dont have a big-ass projector, only the tiny speakers.. :P

Russ said...

wish I did tho... kekeke

zewt said...

and i wish i did too!

Tony said...

Russ, although its justin's showroom but ur hse's one will be exactly the same right ^_^ ok from now on, i am gonna crash at ur hse everyday =p

:: Nicole :: said...

tony: everyday? haha.. if i don't open the door, u climb in is it? :p

lovegoddess: there's nothing much to shout about for the gold class except for the recliner chair.. for me, i'd prefer the premiere class at times square.. why? coz gold class the sofa is HUGE and u can't cuddle but for premiere class, there's no recliner sofa but u can cuddle.. and the leg space is big.. which one would u choose? hehe..

jasonphoon: well, i'm alright with the spiderman 3 la.. yea u're right.. when peter parker sprung into the dancing scene, i was like 'huh?'

lovegoddess said...

oh..thanks for the info Nic. Will try the premiere class one definitely. No point going for GOLD class for reclining chair but kenot cuddle! o_O

Tony said...

nicole : no need to lar...all i need is threathen to scratch ur 350z ...u sure will open door and have a look 1 =p Thats when i come in..hehe