Tuesday, May 01, 2007

~ sorry ~

To all my readers, i'm sorry for MIA for the past 2 days.. well, you know.. my bb is back and we got so much 'catching up' to do.. hehehe..

Anyways, me, my bb and tony met up with lovegoddess at the Curve.. we went to Marche for lunch.. we really did had a good time.. lovegodess is just so hyper, friendly and bubbly.. she told me that i look younger than my pictures and i look thinner too! haha.. thanks gurl.. you're so sweet.. she also said my bb looks younger too AND tony looks cute in real life! :) we did snapped pictures during the lunch meeting.. will post it up soon once lovegoddess email me the pictures as she used her camera yesterday..

Oh yea, before we came out from the curve, me and my bb spotted a nicely done up 350z!! the front looks like a Aston Martin DB9.. OMIGOSH!!! we went one round at the parking to snap the picture.. lol..

What a beauty!! don't you think so?

After that, me, my bb and tony went to sunway.. thinking of seeing my bb's 'monster' BUT the workshop was not open! too bad.. so about 4pm ish, we went to bkt jalil for the street tuners carnival.. there i met jesz and took a picture with her.. we saw a few 'wannabes' skyline, a heavy modified proton wira (converted to a BMW), justin's car, remus's car (zth) and etc.. promise will post the pictures up asap!! :)

We were there for almost 4 hours and my bb drove us home for a shower coz we were sweating at the carnival.. about 11pm, we went to subang ss15 for our 'yam cha' session with tony, justin, fatality and eugene (justin's friend).. we called the night off about 1am.. what a day, man!!

It's 12.17pm now and we just woke up.. hehe.. my feet hurts for walking too much yesterday *sigh* okies, i gotta stop here now.. gonna brush my teeth and etc.. ta!

ps: thanks lovegoddess for the pressie!! you're just too sweet and kind :) and i'd post the pictures up asap so do check on my multiply for it! :)


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Seem like u guy & gurl have a good time. Will look forward to the pic. In the meant time happy holiday.

lovegoddess said...

wow..thanks for the credit nic, i'm truly flattered ;) ..

and so paisay dy..the pressie is nothing much .. but i hope you like it....just for you to play around with it, use it for special occasions..suprise your bb :)

hey..from the bottom of my heart.. You, Russ and Tony and the sweetest !

:: Nicole :: said...

lovegoddess: awwwwww... that's sweet.. looking forward for lunch with u on friday

hor ny ang moh: yea we did have a good time.. so when u joining us?? hehe.. don't worry.. we won't take pics of u :p~

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Will certainly like to join u guy if I visit KL next time. Have a nice day.

Tony said...

Horny, thats cool man, looking foward to meet u in person as well =p Damm i can't wait till friday..hehehe