Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Today me and my bb went for 'bak kut teh' at klang.. we met up with my bb's friend, justin.. my bb's high school friend.. below are some pictures my bb took :-

That's justin making the tea for us.. gurls, he's not bad looking... right? *hinting*

It's such a teeny weeny small lil tea cup..

I hardly eat pork so it's enough for them to munch it down.. i just drank the soup and ate mushrooms.. hehe

After eating, we went to sunway to see my bb's 'monster'.. the tein suspension is already there and the rest of the stuff would be arriving soon on friday.. so by then we'd take pictures of it.. so be patient, ya? :)

We then headed to 1Utama to try to get some movie tickets but the queue was damn long due to the public holiday today.. so we ended up buying 2 tickets for tomorrow's spidey show.. we got the GOLD class tickets :p

Yea.. RM40 each but i think it's worth it for the Spiderman 3 show.. don't you think so?

Btw, we got another gathering with lovegoddess, tony and justin on friday at 1Utama.. we're going for pasta! *yummy* and also i've discuss with my bb for a gathering.. a BIG one i hope.. for ALL the other fellow bloggers AND readers.. come on, people (zewt & jules, jane & douglas, joe, maxine) let's have a paaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!! to whoever who wants to crash the gathering, feel free to do so :)


Jason Ong said...

Wah! Nicole, glad u have finally reunite wit your bb. U look happy & cheerful. By the way, nice pics u have taken. U have a bunch of lovely friends. Well, like u said, may be we can organize a gathering for your other blog readers besides lovegoddess & Tony?

:: Nicole :: said...

let's have a gathering for ALL bloggers AND readers!! :)

lovegoddess said...

hey Nic, your BKT made me went for BKT supper that nite itself !