Saturday, May 19, 2007

S500i as MY belated b'day present?

Me and my bb has been browsing phones in penang.. he almost bought me the Sony Ericsson W880i coz i want a slimmer phone.. but then i decided not to buy coz as much as i want a new phone, i don't really fancy the W880i THAT much-ie..

So, i'm back in KL surfing the net while my bb is catching up on his sleep.. i came across a 'OMIGOSH' phone from Sony Ericsson.. SE really kick a
ss on the design of their phones.. i'm completely in love with this new phone, S500i.. it's such a beauty.. somemore, it matches the color scheme of my blog! how cool is that?!

This is the W880i.. too bad there's no autofocus :(

But this is a stylo mylo phone, S500i :)

But no doubt that the W880i is much more slimmer and lighter than the S500i.. it's approximately 23g lighter.. both has memory card slot AND 2MP camera.. but for style, i'd prefer the S500i.. so, what do you think?


Tony said...

U sure u wan this hp ka ? have u tested it out ? my sis has it and she has been cursing that it always hang out of the blue... My advice is try it out 1st...mayb she is just unlucky =p

:: Nicole :: said...

the S500i isn't out yet la

lovegoddess said...

hhmm looks like u r quite a fan of SE eh? ;) myself also planning to get a new hp.

so when yr S500i model will be launched?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

I know nut about HP so have to wait for ur review. Have a nice day.

Tony said...

its already out lar, just not in malaysia only...My sis bought it when she went to jpn with my dad last week...