Monday, July 23, 2007

am i emo or just so in love?

WARNING: an emo post.. and also i ran out of pictures of 'us' to post *sigh*

It has been more than a month since my bb left :( since the last time i kissed him and hugged him.. btw, my bb is now at Curacao.. i thought i won't be hearing from him for at least a week BUT thank god, my bb is smart enough to get himself a new SIM card for his phone which he can use at Curacao AND also Trinidad to call me and vice versa.. i love you bb *muacks*

Anyway, he told me that he already put his name on the list for the next crew change on the 15th Aug.. it didn't came across my puny lil brain THAT 15th Aug is our 1st year anniversary of our 1st meeting for dinner.. not until i put down the phone and started to brush my teeth! argh!!!! there goes.. we won't be celebrating our 1st anniversary on the day itself :( *sigh*

I think i miss my bb too much that i had another dream of him AGAIN.. i woke up and realize AGAIN that i was just dreaming.. i was hugging my bb's pillow actually when i dreamt of him.. it really breaks my heart :'( i just miss him so much..

Before we hanged up the phone last night, he asked me to hang on there.. that he'd be back home ASAP.. told me he could kill someone just to be back home with me.. awwwwwwww.. now, ain't that sweet? *me melting*

I just don't know why i love him so much.. although it has been only barely a year since i got to know him from the internet :) oh yea, i've to REALLY thank Sir Timothy John-Berners Lee @ the WWW inventor *bow bow* if not for the cyberspace, me and my bb wouldn't have met.. actually me and my bb kinda somehow probably might had crossed each other path before BUT we didn't know.. coz :-

- my bb used to travel from PJ to Batu Caves for work while me, travel from KL to PJ for work.. PASSING BY Batu Caves

- my bb used to go to Zouk, KL and Zouk is blardy near my place where i am staying with my mum AND i occasionally club at Zouk

- my bb stayed at Kelana Putra and that's where my ex-collegemates stayed coz our college was just nearby

- my bb used to hang out alot at 1Utama and 1Utama is like my 2nd home

But i guess FATE really brought us together :) we found each other.. and not one single day, i stop and regret of marrying this wonderful and loving and sweet guy.. every passing day, i feel blessed that i'm married to such a great guy and he's the BEST hubby EVER, that any girl could ask for :)

Besides fulfilling my wishlist, he would try his BEST to be there for me.. no matter how busy he is, he'd take some time out to chat with me on skype :) to know what's going on and what have i been doing and how i'm feeling.. i know sometimes he did feel helpless when i told him i'm not feeling well or i injured myself or something.. he ALWAYS ALWAYS remind me to drive safely coz he said that he's so far away from me and he doesn't want anything bad to happen to me.. he's such a doll :)

Okay.. as usual i'd get carried away talking about my hubby :p~ i just can't help it.. he's the ONLY man in my life now AND i love him sooooooooooooooooooooooo much.. i won't hurt him.. not now and not in the future.. he's MY EVERYTHING..

ps: bb, i can't wait for you to come home.. i miss you terribly and i'm trying to hold on and be strong but i do feel vulnerable at times.. promise me that you'd come home safely coz i just can't live without you.. i love you *muacks*


Anonymous said...

I dream of my soul mate almost everyday too. It's also almost a month since I've been away. So happen my recent post is also about missing someone.

So emo :(

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hallo!Just hang on! Just think of the 'surprice' he will bring back!Have a nice day!

:: about me :: said...

how sweet...

lovegoddess said...

its ok be emo ;) cuz you're missing someone u love so dearly ;)

you have a beautiful blog to as a channel to pour out your feelings ;)

be strong girl !