Saturday, July 21, 2007

can anyone be more civilized?

WARNING: the first part of this post is non-halal..

First of all, i've to say that the crispy roast pork @ siew yoke at Mr Ho's Fine Dining ROCKS!! ok ok.. i think i'm the last person who's so excited about it.. coz many people told me that it's SUPER DUPER delicious.. i had dinner at Midvalley today with my aunty, uncle and grandma.. since 3 of them love crispy roast pork so much, i took them to Mr Ho's..

This is what my grandma AND my uncle ordered :-

*yummy* isn't
THAT look delicious? it comes with a small portion of rice so i had to ordered another bowl of rice for my uncle and grandma

And this is my pan grilled dory :) i did not ordered the siew yoke coz i don't eat it :p~

Anyway, that's not what i wanted to blog about today.. the main reason i blog is to tell EVERYONE to 'MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS'.. if you don't like the way i dress, fark off!!! ok ok *take deep breath*.. as what i've mentioned, i was at Midvalley today.. i was wearing this :-

The green top from MNG.. it's not THAT revealing, riiiiiiight??

I noticed that many people looked at me.. i mean.. er... my cleavage.. i mean i could understand when guys look BUT i saw a lady looked at me 'there' as she walked past me..

WTF! i SWEAR i know THAT look, you biatch! don't you dare to judge me!! probably you think that i'm some China chick who comes here to 'work'..i AM a married woman and i'm NOT some slut, okay? being married doesn't mean that i've to wear like you, AUNTY!! wearing something sexy and a short skirt, doesn't mean that i'm not a decent woman.. it just barely means that i'm proud of who i am and also my body.. oh well, i guess you can't pull it off like i do, so i don't blame you.. i feel sorry for you in fact now....... NOT!!!

I've also noticed that guys stared at me.. even they were with their gfs/wives.. come on.. if you want to look, don't be soooooooooooooooooooooooo OBVIOUS! most of them would stared an stared while they walked past me and they even turned their heads! now, THAT is RUDE..

So, this makes me wonder.. if people could judge a person by how they look or dressed or the car they drive and etc, how would they judge me? people do think that i'm too young to be married.. even with my rings on my fingers..

I wonder what would my future neighbours think about me and my bb.. would they think that i'm my bb's mistress? would they think that my bb is a malay? would they think that our place was bought with our parents money? and etc.. i mean people do like to judge a book by its cover.. i mean, hey.. my bb only comes back home for 6 weeks and will be working for 6 weeks.. he's seldom at home.. people might think that when my bb is away, he's actually with HIS family (wife & kids).. and when people see our cars, they'd think that my bb bought it for me and he's from a rich family.. or people might think that i'm a 'working girl'.. who knows? SOME people do have WILD imaginations..

Oh oh, when i first used my credit card at Forever 21.. the cashier looked surprised AND i know she looked at my signature behind my card to make sure it's REALLY my card.. i mean, hey.. can't a 26 year-old have a platinum card??? and today when i asked the waiter for the bill after the dinner, he went straight to my uncle! what the....?? come on, i asked for the bill SO i'm gonna pay for it, alright??? after i gave him the card and he came back for the signature, he went to my uncle AGAIN!! i took the bill and signed it.. didn't he check who is the owner of the card? my name is written on it, for god's sake! my uncle's name isn't Nicole.. which part of him looks like a Nicole.. grrrrrrrrrrrr....

To sum all this up, i mean why do people like to judge other people? are they so BLARDY great that they have the right to do that? are they saints? and also Malaysians *shaking my head*.. it's our 50th Independence Day next month.. why can't we be more civilized? stop spitting.. stop raping your blardy own daughter/grand daughter.. stop jumping queues.. stop criticizing others and passing bad remarks about others.. stop leaving your manners at home (what's the use of teaching us morale in school?).. stop being ignorant.. etc etc..

ps: i hate 'the-time-of-the-month' coz i will become grumpy.. AND also it doesn't help when my bb is so far away from me and i can't get hold of him :( no phone calls, no sms, no emails.. nothing.. for at least a week!! arghhhhhhhhhh.... so, excuse me.. i'd like to crawl under my blanket now and hug my smelly pillow to sleep AND also dream of my bb *teary eye*


:: about me :: said...

nicole, just let it be! people are like that. its human nature. we dont have to live for people, we live for ourselves!

for the card, i totally understand how you feel... hehe. i hate that too.. anyway, take care!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

it's not human nature.. i just think that m'sians are like that.. okay.. probably asians.. i mean IF i married young or fast, it has to mean that i'm pregnant.. n if my husband is always away, ppl will think i'm a mistress.. always think of the bad side.. and also, ppl will look at us, girls one kind if we dressed a lil sexy.. but in the states, ppl won't even look.. yea u can say that m'sians are more conservative BUT don't we have a high crime for rape??? trying to b goody good shoes BUT instead there's a monster in there

Anonymous said...

That's third world ultra-conservative mentality we have back home.

Hey , cheer up and try to ignore the stares and judgement of the ignorant ok ?

The worlds moving along, why can't they ?

Also, try kick boxing or something to alleviate that-time-of-the-month pains ...

Tiffany L said...

achelly hor, i do stare at strangers (both guys and girls)... sometimes to the point of making my friends uncomfortable.

but then again, my train of thought while staring could be like this: eww, that girl's top looks awful. i wonder where she bought it from. i think mng. eh, mng got sale now or not? later have to go see. but scared very hard to find parking space. eh, have i paid for my office parking already?...

yes. i could be thinking all that while staring.

Tiffany L said...

the last time i was in kl, a bunch of fucking malay guys looked down my cleavage and commented on how big my boobs are while i was walking with a guy.

i was traumatized and i made my guy friend hold my hand and pretend that he's my bf eventhough he's gay.

in kuching, the most i ever got was the wolf-whistle ahmoi ahmoi thingy... but kl was baddd...

lovegoddess said...

What to do... we live amongst people from all walks of life: narrow-minded, jealous, rude, perverted, presumptuous, annoyingly nosy peoples. fark them!

only a handful are sincerely nice peeps

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks y'all for ALL the comments..

btw, i don't mean to be racist and all BUT do you think that those 'tudung' wearing girls are decent? hmmmm.. i remembered i got plenty emails of pictures of those 'tudung' girls doing 'something' at the park or at the staircase..

shoot me if i'm wrong :p~ so, pls DO NOT judge a book by its cover

Anonymous said...

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

Dr. Seuss