Thursday, July 05, 2007

good manners?

I thought i won't be posting today as i ran out of what to write BUT thanks to, i found something to talk about on my blog :)

I've been hearing a certain ad for countless of times over the radio, i MUST blog about this.. have anyone heard the radio ad about good manners on well, it goes roughly something like this :-

Guy: 1 roti telur and 1 teh tarik
Girl: hey, where's your manners?
Guy: i'm English.. i've perfectly well manners
Girl: We Malaysian have good manners.. so say please and thank you..
Guy: Oh no, i left my manners at home.. 1 roti telur and 1 teh tarik, please

So, i want to ask you people out there..

If your answer is yes, then i have to smack your lil head.. come on..

1. do we say 'thank you'?
2. do we say 'please'?
3. do we say 'excuse me'?
4. do we wait for the people in the lift to get out first before rushing in like a mad person?
5. do we line up? be it at the traffic light or a check-out counter
6. do we spit in a proper place?
7. do we give way to other motorists/people?
8. do we hold the door for others?
9. do we smile?
and etc..

I mean, how dare the hitz fm criticize the English for not having good manners when Malaysia was once voted the least friendliest country in the world (if i'm not mistaken).. it's a stupid ad and whenever i hear it, i'd switch it to another radio station.. i mean, yeah.. they want to promote good manners BUT i think we, Malaysians have NO hope.. ABSOLUTELY ZERO hope to in-still good manners in ourselves.. what do you think?


Russ said...

such an irritating add
I havent even heard it and im irritated already.. hehehe

The english have much better manners than we do, actually I think they invented manners!


:: Nicole :: said...

yea, it's stupid n irritating.. i just think that if they want to promote good manners, think of another way.. not by criticizing other ppl.. especially not the english..

Anonymous said...

i think your 100% right..ur people dont have manners at all....not at all i mean,,,sorry to say that but its the truth, im a foreigner here and i can see that there is no fuckin smile on anybody's face in the good morning no waiting for lift people to get out and worst of all the Jeliousy....

:: Nicole :: said...

anonymous: thanks for dropping a comment here.. about this issue, i totally agree that Malaysians have NO manners.. at all :)

Anita Krishnan said...

Sadly true. Most Malaysians are not well mannered despite having a subject in school which teaches us on manners/ethics/morals.
Good post Nicole.

Ps: Does everything in Malaysia have to be discriminatory? Even in advertisements!

Anonymous said...

well i agree most are not well mannered. i also disagree criticizing the English in order to get the message across.

My question to you Nic is, since this does bother you, why dont you start making the changes and influence the people around you to do the same. Because obviously change is necessary & why not start from you. Why stop at simply expressing your irritation on the Internet, right? Please don't get me wrong I am obviously not saying you are not well mannered.

I know for sure I do have manners & I am trying to influence those around me :)

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Malaysians have good manners la... try to come here where I am, you'll freak out! I once had someone spit and that bloody thang landed on my pants! Ok! The ppl here a f*cking rude and uncivilized!

:: Nicole :: said...

Anonymous: i'm always the one who smile, say thank you and excuse me.. i give way to other motorist and in lifts.. sigh..

Russ said...

Anonymous: What makes u think she's not making the changes and influence the people around her by being well mannered?? Expressing it on the internet is just an ADDITIONAL way to express her opinion, and not the ONLY way.. so please dont assume next time, its very annoying, especially being anonymous in the first place.. kinda like.. anonymously annoying.

lovegoddess said...

i'd say its a mixed bag..there fair number of well and ill-mannered people in malaysia.

what i can't stand is why some people just can't utter words like sorry, thank you and excuse me...

maybe these bunch of ill-mannered peeps didn't go to school or they are just bloody ignorant

:: Nicole :: said...

lovegoddess: they're just IGNORANT :p