Monday, July 02, 2007

have you?

Have you miss someone so much that you'd dream about him/her when you're sleeping? have you had a dream about someone which was so REAL that you'd wake up and find out that it's just a dream?

I had.. it happened to me a couple of times including tonight.. but the last few times when i dreamt, i'd wake up to find that the person whom i dreamt of was lying beside me.. yeah, i dreamt about my hubby..

It just felt SO REAL.. that made me believe that he's back.. that i thought i could feel his skin against mine.. that i was hearing his voice and tasted his sweet soft tender lips.. i thought i could even hear his heart beating..

I miss my hubby.. so much.. it's only just a week.. and i know that he'd only be back in another 5 or 6 weeks, perhaps? i wanted to count the days but i know if i don't, my brain will trick me into believing that time flies.. but does it actually flies? i wish.. i mean, i wish that when i wake up from my sleep, my bb is back here with me..

I miss the things we did together.. the late night movies we watched.. the supper we had.. the indo mee goreng which i did for him.. the hugs and kisses.. the showers.. the vacations.. the laughters.. the late nights when we sneaked out to go partying.. i miss everything about us..

Somehow i always feel that i'm always the weaker one compare to my bb *sigh* is it becoz i'm a girl and he's a guy? or is it just me?

ps: it's getting late now.. gotta try to get back to sleep.. nitey nite!


lovegoddess said...

its normal to have that sorta dream, esp when you're thinking of the particular someone/stuff a lot - everything you see, touch and feel seems so real.

i've had that kind of dream before ;)

and also many times, i dreamt of ghost haunting me ;( my mom says thats bad.......

Russ said...

Aww... sorry baby if u keep having dreams like that.. isnt Boboie keeping u busy and being your companion while im away?? :P
Hehe, anyway, hang in there bee, i'll be back before u know it.. :)

LG: Ghosts?? haha, thats not bad lah.. its just a dream.. nothing to do with real life.. :)

lovegoddess said...

Russ : thanks man ;) hope the ghostly encounter in my sleep is just a hidden mysteries ;)

Sweettooth said...

It happened to me so many times too and I hate it if the person in my dreams are not the one I'm supposed to dream :(

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i think i've been thinking about my bb a lil too much :p~

Jason Ong said...

Hi! Nicole. It happens to me too especially when u think too much of a person at one time. By the way, if u miss your bb so much, why not pay her a visit. Dun forget u have a 10 years visa leh :P

:: Nicole.F :: said...

jason: i wish i can but he's TOO far away.. somewhere middle of the sea of nowhere.. ok ok.. i know that he's at trinidad :p~