Monday, July 30, 2007

dog tag?

The other day when i was out with alice, i bought 2 dog tags for boboie.. it cost RM1.99 each.. so today i went to sg wang with my aunty to engrave boboie's name on it :) RM0.80 per alphabet.. ended up paying RM9.60 for the engraving..

Below are some pictures of the dog tags and boboie wearing it :-

Oh yea, my mum took out the clip.. hehe.. now he look so smart and handsome with the dog tag.. don't you agree? *wink*


lovegoddess said...

boboie looks so handsome and regal from this angle and his eyes looks cute too ;)

unlike the other shots you posted the other day..boboie's eyes kinda look ....distorted.

* me runnnnnnn............. *

lovegoddess said...
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:: Nicole.F :: said...

hmmm... i thought shih tzu eyes are kinda distorted :p anyway, if u see him in real life.. he's one cute, playful, fat ass, rounded fatty doggie!

Russ said...

Boboie looks soooo cute! And yes, smart too.. I miss him soooo much.. :(

Faith said...

Boboie look smart with the tags, but he oso looks very serious in this picture

:: Nicole.F :: said...

bb: u miss boboie but i miss u as well :(

faith: yea.. he looked kinda serious tho.. haha..