Tuesday, July 31, 2007

do you bling?

'Do you bling?' is a tagline for a spring water bottle company, Bling H2O.. the Bling H2O is bottled at the source in Dandridge, Tennessee and their award winning natural spring water has won GOLD medal for the best tasting at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Festival..

Bling H2O comes in Limited Edition, corked, 750ml, reusable frosted g
lass bottles, exquisitely handcrafted with Swarovski Crystals and you could get it for just USD40 per bottle..

This is how it looks like :-

Paris Hilton was spotted giving her tinkerbell a taste of the Bling H2O.. i don't know about you BUT i'm sure i WILL get my hands on one of it :)


lovegoddess said...

the bling spring water may cost RM150.00-RM200.00 here. i don't think i'll buy it, unless i have extra cash to burn then i consider it.

nice looking bottle though !

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i know it's expensive but the bottle is sooooooooo 'bling'.. anyway, after drinking the water, i can pour back some normal water into the bottle and display it in my cabinet! :)

Russ said...

Such an expensive bottle of water.. people are just making money for the ‘class’ bling bling and glamour.. nvm baby, I will buy you the best water filter so u can drink the cleanest for almost free! :P

:: Nicole.F :: said...

bb: but but... can i have 1 bottle at least... pluh-lessssssssssssssssss