Friday, July 27, 2007


This post is written behalf of my boboie..

If only i have fingers to type and not paws *sigh*

Today my owner took me out.. hehe.. i was such a good boy :) then after granny got out from the car, my owner took me somewhere.. i don't know where
it was BUT it has H-E-A-V-E-N!! i saw so many toys around, food AND some of my friends.. they all looked soooooooooo teeny weeny.. guess i'm the 'tai kor' @ BIG brother there :p~

Anyway, there was a guy trying to put something on me.. argh!!! i felt so hot after that.. i felt i was being squeezed into something.. what the heck was it?? suddenly i felt GAY.. coz whatever it was, it was hugging my body..

This is what 'hugging' my sexy plump body :-

As usual, after i got home.. i ran to the kitchen to pee pee and drink some water.. i was given treats coz i sat and come as i've been told.. also i gave my hand out.. after i munched down the biscuit, i felt my owner carrying me.. i looked down and WHOA! why the heck was i so high up?? again, i saw flashes *sigh*

My owner was quite happy that i sat still and just lie there.. she was ALL smiling and praising me.. oh, now i remember what those flashes were! i was being photographed!! am i the MOST sought after puppy or what?? it's for you to judge :-

So, what do you think? can i make it into the fashion industry? and earn BIG moolah like Gisele, Heidi and Tyra? i can pose in anything.. even lingerie, ok?

ps: Ford models agency.. please recruit me.. i promise i'd behave on the set.. just gimme ALL the food and snacks in the world that you can find.. just take a peek of my portfolio here.. btw, am i a doggie or a crabby? *woof woof*


Anonymous said...

I find when u blog as bobooie slightly disturbing .. in a quirky way... ^_^

:: Nicole.F :: said...

u don't like me to blog? *owwww.... woof woof*

lovegoddess said...

its very cute shirt you got for boboie ! :)

and as always, he is such a good dog, sits down so quietly on the chair.

boboie's fur very well kept! so fluffy and neat !!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

he can b a model, right?? hehe..

Anonymous said...

he is damn cute in dat t man...


Tiffany L said...

hahahaha the singlet so cute!! but boboie doesn't look too happy in it. but the singlet suits him real nice :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

he wasn't too happy coz i out him high up on a chair so he can't run here and there.. hehe.. well i had to do what i had to do for some pictures of him, u know? :p~