Thursday, July 26, 2007

why do Malaysians drive like farks??

Those drivers out there really pissed me off BIG time!! i hate it.. i should use a stronger word than hate.. lemme think.. i DESPISE those idiots who thinks that they own the blardy F**KING road!! i usually drive safe nowadays.. i mean safe as in going between 70kmph to 100kmph coz normally i have passengers in my car.. either my aunty or my grandma or my mum..

And those blardy drivers.. i don't know if it's coz i'm a girl or what.. they'd just simply drive INTO my lane.. i mean like squeezing me to the divider or something! once i was driving on a 1 lane road to a 3 lane road.. then this Kia Optima was behind me.. i was driving about 80kmph and then this Kia driver just accelerated and squeezed his way to my right and to another road when he got the chance! i was like WTF!! i didn't noticed that he was coming.. i got startled and swerved my car to the left.. 'i could hit the gravel, you F**KER!!'

Today, after having lunch with my aunty at jusco.. i paid my parking ticket and i exit from the parking.. i wanted to overtake to the right to go straight to Cheras to pick up my grandma.. it was kinda jam.. i saw a black proton wira coming and i put my signal before that.. i was slowly coming out and then... i heard that BLARDY SOB honking at me!! WTF!! i put my signal and i was going really slow.. the car just came straight without braking.. i mean, hey come on!! he knew that i wanted to overtake to the right BUT he just won't give way!! yea, Malaysians have GOOD MANNERS.. my ASS!!

Then another incident where the driver just drove from his lane (far right) to my lane (middle) and then to the furthest left lane.. he did all that coz he wanted to turn to the left! why the F**K didn't that idiot keep to the left lane at first? oh i know.. coz the left lane was congested! i just hate those people who cut into queues as well.. they'd do it last minute only.. that explains why the plastic barriers are ALL smashed up most of the time..

Seriously i hate driving now.. i mean yea i'm a GIRL and i drive a Kia Spectra only.. that doesn't mean that you f**king have the right to BULLY me!! man, people drive crazy now.. okay, i don't mean to be rude or cruel BUT i wish those people who drive like farks will one day meet with an accident.. then i can drive pass them and laugh..

'Do you really think that you're untouchable? do you think that you're the man of steel? do you think you'd be ever so lucky to get away with accidents? do you SERIOUSLY think that you're Michael Schumacher?
even Schumacher won't be driving like you farks out there.. you just put other people's life in danger INCLUDING yourself'

Last but not least, DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THE CAR YOU ARE DRIVING IS THE KING OF THE ROAD?!! unless you're driving a freaking Ferrari or a Porsche or a Lambo.. if not, shuddap!! don't think with some stickers or some meters on the dashboard or some loud-but-serve-no-purpose exhaust on your car, it instantly gives you a 100bhp boost to your pathetic car and gives superpower for you to drive like farks!

ps: i'm not dissing on other cars BUT the car owners who drives like farks only.. unless you're one of them.. if not, don't be so sensitive ya? :p~ a thousand apology first.. hehe..