Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm sure every car enthusiasts would agree with me that TEIN make the best absorbers around :) so my bb got the Type Flex Damper set :-

Was still in the box last few weeks ago..

And today, i got a sms from
Desmond.. he asked if i'd be free today coz he's gonna install the absorbers later :) i quickly jumped out from my bed and get ready and took my trusty ol' camera along.. hehe..

When i arrived there, this is what i saw :-

The car was up and the rims was out.. the mechanic was starting to install the absorbers!!

The old absorbers which was still intact..

And replaced by the brand-spanking-new Tein absorber

Ah~~ Tein + Brembo.. a good combination, huh? ;)

These are the rear absorbers

The beast has been hibernating for almost 9 months.. i miss the beast :(

See how dirrrrrrrrrrty it is.. it needs a good wash :)

Oh yea, Desmond told me that he'd 'wake' the beast up within this week!!! HOOOOORAY!!! yea, i'm damn EXCITED!!! so, stay tune for the 'awakening'... hahahah


Russ said...

Thanks for going there n taking the pics for me baby.. really appreiate it.. Muacks!
They gonna start the beast without me? :(

:: Nicole.F :: said...

too bad u're not here :( but i'm gonna take the video cam along.. hehe.. gonna record it's first 'cry'.. hehehe