Sunday, July 15, 2007

new phone?

FINALLY i've got a new phone.. hehe.. thanks to my bb, i just swiped the card and he can pay it online after that.. ahhhh~ the wonders of a credit card :p~

I know i should've take pics of the phone once i get home BUT then my camera batt died already :( and i'm lazy to search for my charger last night.. so decided to post the pic of my brand new phone in other post.. suspense a bit.. hehe..

Anyway, i bought my new phone at 1Utama.. my favorite shopping mall.. 1Utama is truly the mall which has everything under 1 roof! ok ok.. i know KLCC is the one BUT i can't afford anything from the shops at KLCC!! *sigh*

As usual, i went out with my family during weekends.. so after shopping, we headed for dinner.. dinner at 10pm!! yea.. we were at 1U for almost 6 hours.. luckily 1Utama has the BEST parking rate.. 1st 6 hours for RM1.. this is what we had for dinner :-

Deep fried fish (my bb's fav)

Sweet & sour pork (my bb's fav & mine too)

Stir-fried vege (MY fav coz my bb likes raw ones)

Stir-fried vongole with garlic (MY all time fav)

I know it's not the BEST pictures coz it's just a 2MP camera and there's no flash.. just took it with the night mode switched on BUT i really like my new phone :)

ps: thank you bb for buying it for me.. you're the best!!! *muacks*


Purple~MushRooM said...

Eh.. the food makes me drool. All the food you posted are my fav too!!!!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

hehe.. so we got the same taste, huh? in food :P

Anonymous said...

omg , I don't know when is the next time I'll eat that kinda food here in brisbane !

"Joe" who is constantly craving said... what new phone did u buy??

Tiffany L said...

i'm soooo admiring the vongole.. me love seafood!

lovegoddess said...

wahh...the vongole looks damn scrumptious ! its one of my fav dish!

lucky you got new cellphone dy....hurry up post it up la...

myself also getting a new phone but don't know which brand to pick from. I've narrowed down to Nokia and Sony ericsson. I wand swell looking cellphone with sharp & clear picture quality camera.

any suggestions?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

jason : i'm sure there's chinese food in brisbane :)

joe : am gonna post it in while *don't drool ya?*

hedo : me also likey vongole!! *drool*

lovegoddess : i don't really like nokia phones now as it's tend to b BIG and bulky.. SE phones are much much nicer in design :) get a SE cybershot.. 3.2MP camera!!