Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Just some random pictures of boboie :-

My 2 precious *heart melting* :-

Monday, October 29, 2007

sick doggie?

Sorry peeps for not updating my blog as frequent.. i didn't had the mood or time to blog as boboie was not feling well.. took him to the vet at least twice already.. he wasn't eating right.. he walked away from his food for at least 2 days!

At first me and my mum thought that he might be choosy with his food but he wasn't.. we got worried and took him to the vet when boboie started to vomit.. it was his 2nd time vomiting.. he vomited some yellow-ish fluid.. the vet said boboie vomited coz boboie had gastric.. either not enough food in his stomach OR no food..

Many people had asked me not to feed boboie too much.. as he's fat and heavy.. boboie now weighs 6.17kg.. i tried not feeding him too much BUT ended up, him vomiting.. so i got no choice.. i have to feed him til he gets full..

Me, my bb and my mum were so worried about him.. but thank god he's starting to eat again this morning.. i think the medicine which the vet gave helps :) it neutralized the acids in boboie's stomach.. boy, it was not an easy task to feed boboie his medicine.. i had to hold his upper jaw, pulled down his lower jaw with my right hand and stuff the pill way into this throat.. and then close his mouth and massage his throat.. finally, i have to give a soft blow to his nose to startled him so he'd swollow his pill.. this was taught by the vet! :)

Boboie's heartworm medicine (comes in different flavors).. for prevention of heartworm disease.. have to be taken once every month :-

This is boboie's pills for his gastric (name wrongly spelt) :-

Boboie's new and BIGGER cage.. he now sleeps with his pillow and toys :-

And here he is, sleeping on the floor instead =_='

After pee pee, i put him to bed :-

I love boboie so much.. if anything happens to him i'd be extremely sad and devastated but thank god, he's fine now :)


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

what's the most important thing in life?

Do you still remember the 1st ever movie that you watched with your husband/wife/gf/bf? well, i still do :) it's not like it has been THAT long.. only a year plus ago.. heheh..

The first movie that me and my bb watched together was a movie by Adam Sandler, Click.. it's about a workaholic architect who finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different episodes of his life.. problems crop up when the remote begins to override his choices.. if you can't remember the movie, let me refresh your memory with a picture of the movie poster :-

This was supposed to be a comedy but in the end, it did has a message in it.. what's the message? FAMILY first.. don't be such a workaholic and put your family aside.. you think you might be chasing a pot of gold but in the end, there might be nothing in front of you..

Bb, i know you're working hard for our future right now.. i'm not upset that you do not have time for me as much as other couples who spend all their time together everyday.. but i do want you to be there when we start our own family.. i do not want you to miss anything.. i want you to be there when we have our first kid and etc.. i do not want our kids to grow up with their dad missing in their life most of the time.. i just want them to have a childhood which i never had with both of my parents.. especially with my dad..

I love you bb.. for everything which you're doing for me and our future.. you're the GREATEST hubby that i could ever have/ask for.. and i'm so glad that you found me! hehehe *wink wink*


ps: im blogging about this coz i just watched this movie for the 2nd time while i'm hugging my bb's dirty t-shirt :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

~ congrats! ~

PHEW! i just got back from my friend's wedding.. it was supposedly to start at 7pm sharp.. that was what written on the invitation card.. but the bride and groom were 2 hours late themselves! =.=

Anyway, me and my ex-collegemate, chun wee arrived at 7pm.. he came over to pick me up as he's staying at ampang which is quite near to my place and the wedding dinner venue is at cheras.. just nearby.. before everyone arrives, i managed to take some pictures :-

This is chun wee, my ex-collegemate.. known him since 8 years ago :-

And this is ah choy.. he's a very funny guy and i've known him for as long as i've known the groom, han.. few years already.. he was the camera man of the night :-

As for the food pictures, you can click here.. the most important moment of a chinese wedding isn't about the food.. it's ALL about the alcohol!! everybody kept on 'yam seng' @ drink to success :-

At last before me and chun wee left, i managed to ask chun wee to take pic for me with the bride and groom :-

Yea i know i'm fat =.= but my bb still loves me :P i can't wait to have MY own wedding and wedding photos taken.. hmmm... maybe after my bb comes back this time around? *wink*

Friday, October 19, 2007


No, this is not about me, nicole.. but it's ALL about Nicole Scherzinger.. she's sizzling HOT! don't know who she is? she's the main singer from Pussycat Dolls..

Check out her sexy video :-

I wish i'm as sexy as her and pretty as well :( sorry bb, you got the wrong nicole.. muahahaha! anyway, i'd like to dedicate the song from the video below to you bb :-

Thursday, October 18, 2007

girl band?

I know.. i know.. i'm in a mood to blog now.. so this will be my 3rd post for tonight *sigh* no life without my bb..

I just got to know that Spice Girls has got back together for a reunion tour in Vancouver on 2nd Dec 2007.. do you still remember them? let me fresh your memory on how they look like before and now..

Any Spice Girl's fans out there??

Anyway, as i was browsing for the Spice Girl's info.. i came across a new 'girl' band called Venus Flytrap.. they're from thailand and Sony BMG just signed them! check out the raunchy saucy video :-

Aren't they SUPER DUPER sexy? they're NOT real girls, you know.. so stop drooling guys! unless you like the trans-gender :) darn! i wish i can have their bodies for sure *sigh* even some us, girls don't have such tight hot hoochie mamamia body.. agree?

ps: btw, the real guy in the video is cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

certified pedigree?

Every thursday i'd take boboie for grooming.. for his weekly shower and to trim his fur.. so while i was waiting for him, i took some pictures of the shih tzu pups on sale :-

The pups were SO cute and adorable.. they certainly did made me wanted to buy them home so they could play with boboie.. the shop is selling them all off for RM980 each with MKA (Malaysian Kennel Association) cert.. cheap right? Anyway, this is boboie getting his nails clipped :-

All of the groomers wear a mask.. it's good coz it's more hygiene.. boboie's usual bath routine includes nail clipping, cutting the fur on the paws, cleaning the ears, picking the fur on his ears, shaving his arse fur, bath, trimming the fur on his face, cleaning his eyes.. it all cost ONLY RM28! which is DAMN cheap compare to those which is like RM60..

Oh yea, finally i got boboie's MKA cert.. looks like his ancestors mostly came from US and Aust.. example boboie's grandfather (mum's side) was imported from Aust, boboie's great grandfather (dad's side) was imported from US via Hong Kong.. this is how the cert looks like :-

So i could safely say that boboie is not a mixed breed :) so it's worth the money buying him.. furthermore he has the most nicest eyes a shih tzu has.. remember those grey-ish green eyes?? mesmerizing... hehe...



On the 15th, me and my bb setup a date for justin and valarie.. it was just a simple dinner at sushi groove, 1Utama.. here's the pictures for proof :-

My bb and justin has been friends since high school.. we both think that justin and valarie should be friends :)

The night ended up with a nice tea session at winter warmers, the curve.. obviously me and my bb can see that they hit it off pretty well! :) we certainly hope that there would be more dates in the future for both of them.. hehe..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


WARNING: emo post

While i'm typing all this, my bb is on his way to egypt.. this time he'd be working there instead of the usual place in US..

I sent my bb off to the KLIA.. while on the way, the radio was playing 'when you're gone' by avril lavigne.. tears started to roll down my cheeks BUT my bb didn't know (now he knows coz he's reading it)..

When You're Gone

I always needed time on my own
I never thought I'd need you there when I cry
And the days feel like years when I'm alone
And the bed where you lie is made up on your side

When you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day and make it ok
I miss you

I've never felt this way before
Everything that I do reminds me of you
And the clothes you left, they lie on the floor
And they smell just like you, I love the things that you do

When you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now


We were made for each other
Out here forever
I know we were, yeah
All I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I'd do, I'd give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me, yeah


This song describe just EXACTLY how i feel.. when my bb said his goodbye, i started crying again.. he looked at me and told me not to cry.. he kissed my tears on my cheeks and my eyes.. i HATE myself for not being strong enough for him.. every time he goes away, i'd cry.. i just can't live and go on with my life without him.. i just can't see myself without him!! :'(

Yea, most people who doesn't know me thinks that i married my bb coz of money.. that i'm going after his money.. deep down inside me, i do know so clearly that i love my bb for who he is.. sometimes i just don't know how could someone break my bb's heart last time.. he's such a loving, good hearted, nice, romantic, sweet, good looking guy..

Before my bb left, he asked me not to leave him for another guy.. for sure, i WOULD NOT leave my bb.. not for another guy.. it'd be the STUPIDEST thing i would do.. NO guy could love me like how my bb loves me.. the little things which he did (hugging me to sleep, whispering to my ears telling me how much he loves me while i was sleeping, pecks on my cheeks every now and then, making me smile and laugh, buying me ribena without me asking for it and etc) makes me love him even more.. how i wish i could trade all the things i have so that i could have my bb here with me.. to me, my love for him is un-questionable.. i just love him with ALL my heart.. and i know that he loves me as much..

Now i'm back to where i was before.. before my bb got back home from work.. of all the things that he left for me, the one that i love the most is his smelly dirty t-shirt.. it smells just like him! from tonight onwards, this is what i have to hug to sleep.. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh~


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

it's time, again?

I REALLY HATE this feeling that i'm having right now.. it's time for my bb to fly off.. AGAIN.. it's been more than a year since i got to know my bb and YET i haven't been able to get used to seeing him flying off to another country to work :(

Yea i know that it's his job and i've been ranting about all this before on my blog a couple of times, but HEY, this is my blog.. i can rant whatever i want :P *sigh* it's just so hard to let go especially when we've spent so much time together ever since my bb got back in august.. we were practically inseparable.. even when we sleep, he'd hug me tight..

There was a night, while i was sleeping.. my bb hugged me tight and told me that he loves me so much.. he asked me 'do you know that i love you so so much?'.. and every time when i tell him that i love him, he'd tell me that he loves me more.. and oh, he loves the indo mee that i cooked for him as supper.. even it's at 3am or 4am.. indo mee and top with a sunny side up :) i WOULD miss cooking for my bb *sigh*

I've to tell myself AGAIN that he'd be gone for 6 weeks ONLY.. as usual it'd be so F**KING difficult for me the 1st few days.. hopefully i could occupy myself with things to do.. so anyone has any plans, do sms me yah? :)

ps: to my bb, i love you.. so so so much.. i know no matter how much i tell you that i love you, you'd always love me more *muacks*

Sunday, October 14, 2007

krispy kreme?

Yea i know i'm a lil outdated about all this Krispy Kreme craze *sigh* BUT thanks to Ivy, i got my hands on some Krispy Kreme doughnuts yesterday!! wohooooo!!! thanks babe :)

Although she just got me half a dozen, i'm happy already :) and the dougnuts were flown ALL the way from UK! here's me smiling with my precious precious doughnuts :-

And here's some out-of-shape doughnuts (original glazed, chocolate iced kreme filled, glazed lemon filled, cinnamon apple filled, lemon merinque) :-

My bb too was excited to have a bite on one of those delicious doughnuts :-

He got his hands on the glazed chocolate cake while i, got my hands sweet with the original glazed doughnuts :-

I'm telling you that it is the MOST SUPER DUPER delicious doughnuts that i've EVER tasted!! it was just heavenly and it's un-describable.. i could feel that tears rolling down my cheeks... hahaha.. nah, i'm just a lil over exaggerating.. hehehe..

Anyway, the nearest Krispy Kreme stores which i can find will have to be in Indonesia and the Philippines.. DARN! hmmm.. what if.. just what IF i open a franchise here in Malaysia?? would there be any customers??

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Sorry guys for being MIA for so so long.. let me update you with the pictures i took whilst i was away.. but then it's more like a summary as i know you guys somehow already know where i've been through my bb's blog

11th Sept
Me and my bb went to Dragon I, 1Utama for dinner.. it was my 2nd time there.. the food was not bad :)

For food pics, please click here

Then we went off to Penang for a few days and we stayed at Ghotel.. my fav hotel in Penang :) why? coz it's a very nice hotel and also it's just next to Gurney Plaza! :p anyway, we got ourselves an 'Executive Suite'.. the room was the same.. the only difference was we got free internet access in our room! =.= also, we can eat and drink all we can at the Executive lounge :-

Oh yea, as for our room view.. check this out :-

As for the gym and pool view :-

It's a drop off pool, by the way.. we couldn't resist not swimming in the lovely pool with a lovely view.. so we did what we had to do :-

We swam from daytime til sun down.. yea, typical us me.. more bikini pictures, click here

Besides hanging around at the hotel, we went to places such as :-

14th Sept
We had our lunch at Manila Place, Gurney Plaza.. was our 1st and last time.. the price was reasonable and the atmosphere was nice BUT the food just so-so =.=

16th Sept
Lunch at Pastasia, Gurney Plaza.. everytime when we're in Penang, we'd at least visit this cafe once.. they really have a long list of pasta :) there's ONLY 2 outlets in Penang.. 1 is at Gurney Plaza and the other just newly opened at Queen's Bay mall.. check out the food :-

At night, we dropped by to SegaFredo where Ramsey was working.. the one at Gurney Plaza..

And this is Ramsey (right) with his colleague..

21st Sept
Celebrated my father in-law b'day at Chilis.. the entire family was there and it was filled with laughters :)

From left : Reid, my mum in-law and my father in-law

Clockwise : Chantalle, Randall, Cherrelle and Ramsey

Last but not least, not forgetting the pic of US

After dinner, we went clubbing with Russ's brothers (Ryan, Ramsey & Randall), cousin from greece and a few other friends at QE II.. it was my 1st time taking tequilla shots and i had 2! and before that i bottoms up 2 glass of whiskey + coke.. 2 bottles of tequilla gone that night..

23rd Sept

Found a nice place for our lunch.. think Kenny Sia went there before with the Nuffnang members.. it's Foodloft! :) it was a lil pricy BUT we just love the environment and the choices of food.. it's like a food court BUT better!

24th Sept
Our last lunch before we left for KL.. Wong Kok restaurant, Gurney Plaza.. although it's a small restaurant but the food was nice :)

My bb's wanton and his coffee..

Mine was shark's fin soup with crab meat

Ice-blended lychee

Stir fried spaghetti portuguese style

In between the Penang trip, we did came back to KL for awhile.. then off we went to Cameron Highlands for a day.. my bb drove there at night and boy, was it dark.. the road was twisty and i felt dizzy and wanted to throw up.. wonder what will happened IF i throw up in my bb's car >.<>

Armed with a map, we found our way to :-

Uncle Sam's farm

Click here for more greenies

Kea's farm

And Ta Dah! the boot was FULL with vege and cactus.. heheh..

T Cafe - the only place for strawberry scones in Cameron

My strawberry cheese cake

Me and Darren

Cameron Bharat

Us sipping our tea while enjoying the nice scenery :)

Okay.. that's ALL for now.. stay tune for more pictures of our Singapore trip that we went recently, the things that i bought and also the car that me and my bb WILL test drive.. all coming soon! :)

FYI: all of the pictures above was taken with my camera phone, S500i