Saturday, January 05, 2008

1st meeting?

Last night was my 1st time attending the skyline meeting alone AND i was the only girl who came with no one.. some guys brought their gfs along..

Here are some sneak preview pictures of the cars :-

My Z with the BIG boys rides :-

The millennium jade GTT with Top Secret bonnet :-

And part of the gang :-

Also there's a V-spec II Nur GTR and a Z-tune lookalike :-

Later the boys adjourned to putrajaya via the new highway.. i didn't go as my Z can't keep up with them (for now) plus they wanted to test power with each other :-

For more pictures, click here and here

Q : So, can you guys tell me what colors skyline was missing in those pictures??

A : Midnight purple and...

There it is! the bayside blue :-

Too bad my bb isn't around for this meeting.. don't fret bb.. there would be more meetings to attend in the future! :)

ps: as for now, me and my bb have our eyes set on this beauty @ monster :-

Something totally off from this topic about cars.. see what boboie has done to this poor lil fella :-

First he ripped the right arm off and then yesterday he ripped the left arm off! now this poor fella is armless.. wonder when my mum will sew the arms back.. but then if she did sew it back, sooner or later boboie will ripped both off again!!

Poor fella


ilovepearly said...

Nice cars!
Poor devil plushie :P

:: Nicole :: said...

how come your blog is now protected?? i can't view :(

Jason Phoon said...

those arms look like they're meant to be ripped off ! hahah

Russ said...

Nice pics bebee.. I wish I was there too, i miss the Z...

Hehe, miss u too la :P

Miss Piggy Lass said... drift ar? hehe.....

:: Nicole :: said...

i wish our local car scene is like in the movie.. hahaha.. u wish that too right, bb?? scantily clad girls..