Saturday, January 12, 2008

chinese dishes?

This post is specially dedicated to my bb who is far far away from Malaysia AND land :)

Dear bb,

I know that every time when you're away from home, you'd miss eating chinese food.. i know how you like the sweet & sour pork, deep fried fish, fried egg and taufu.. so i got some pictures for you to look at and to make you drool! hehehehe :P

These are the pictures i took while i had dinner with my mum, grandma, aunty and uncle.. oh oh.. also boboie :)

Chicken :-

Pork :-

Prawns :-

Fish :-

And 3 types of veggies (which it's not your fav) :-

While we were eating, this was what boboie was doing :-

As usual he just sat on the chair and waited patiently for us to finish our meal.. but he did something out of the blue tonight! he confronted a cat face to face! here's the proof :-

They looked at each other for awhile.. the cat was purrrrrrrrrrrr-ing BUT boboie always keep his cool-ness.. hahaha.. he didn't try to jump down nor bark.. yea i know.. he's such a good boy :)

Bb, when you come back we'd go for chinese food again k? :) can't wait to see you again bb.. hopefully 3 more weeks to go!!

Love you lots


Russ said...

Thanks for the pictures baby,
The food looks real good, Boboie looks so cute, he's always such a good boy.
I miss my bebee & my boboie so much..

CresceNet said...

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munak said...

come over to my restaurant in happy garden, its called Ying Jia Seafood ;)

Miss Piggy Lass said...

hehe awww so sweet!! dedicate this post to your hubby. Sweet and sour pork has always been my boyfriend's fav as well....that's what he calls "chinese food" hehehe. Is that kangkung belachan??yum!!

ilovepearly said...

Boboie was drooling having to look and not able to eat :P