Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sneak preview of...?

The latest mod which me and my bb did to the Z!! :)

For now, i only got 1 picture (before painting) for you guys to feast your eyes on :-

Yea i know.. i'm mean.. muahahaha.. so what do you guys think? nicer than the original kit? :)

ps: i'd post up more pictures once the car is FULLY done up.. just wait and be patient *grin*


ckwei said...

looks abit plastic-y raw, but good nonetheless. any ideas as to whether ur gonna paint it to match the car or change the car's color altogether?

leong soon said...

Veilside version III? Cool, are you putting on the wide fenders and big-ass spoiler too? It'll look very, very mean :)

Calv said...

ei ei i wan more pics c'mon!! next time i buy evo 6 wahahaha

- tony - said...

this kit or original. you still got me jealous. :P

chewy said...

hey i know where you took this pic from. Is there where you live?