Tuesday, January 29, 2008

un-conditional love?

I have a dog.. his name is Boboie (boyboy).. he's 10 months old now and he weighs 7.2kg.. he's a shih tzu breed..

Here are his random cute pictures :-

This is boboie :-

He was sitting in front of my laptop while i was online.. it was raining cats and dogs.. he was scared of the lightning and thunder so i had to hug him tight..

This is me and boboie :-

I just love boboie so much.. and i know he loves me alot too.. un-conditionally.. no matter how hard i smacked him or how many times i scolded him and yelled at him, he'd just keep coming back to me.. he'd be there when i'm happy and he'd lick my tears away when i'm feeling blue.. he's there to keep me company when i'm lonely and he's always there waiting for me to come home with his wagging tail.. also he'd lick/kiss my face all over!

Now, who says dogs are man's BEST friend.. they are a girl's BEST friend too :)

*muacks muacks*


Russ said...

Boboie looks sleepy in most of the pics... and cute!

I really miss you and boboie so much.. :(

I really do....

Eileen said...

I never own a dog after I am like primary school? Our family is always on the run, cant afford to have pets and even hard to maintain a relationship (So, I understand what you and Russ gone through). Well, pets are really loving/adorable, hope to see your boboie one day.

Well, seems like all the rest of the gang have a dog. Can have a dog gathering too.

Calv said...

bring X's woa woa to hump boboie or the other way around wahahahaha....my copper is bi...so we can have a dog fest orgy >>

x said...

fuuhhhh, 7.2 kgs, what you have been feeding boobie? :P

woa woa is 20 kgs :P

Jackie Leong said...

very cute looking shih-tzu you have there :D my ex have one as well but a lot bigger in size probably because it was locally breed..

i have two pet dogs at home, german shepherds so they aren't exactly "cute" :p


:: Nicole :: said...

bb: we miss u lots tooooooooooo!~~~

eileen: okay, we'd organize a dog gathering too :)

calv: boboie still innocent okay? don't corrupt him =.=

x: er.. my mum is feeding boboie bread, guava, potatoes, biscuits, papaya and..... i think that's all

jackie: oh.. now we can have blogger's dogs gathering... hmmmm.......

ilovepearly said...

Yea, their not only guys best pal, also girls!

Anonymous said...

he actually looks like he's smiling :S

sie said...

Hello :D I have the exact same red devil as boboie!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

So cute!!!! I know how you feel.. i used to have dogs when I was in KL and I really love them!