Saturday, January 26, 2008

done up yet?

Finally today i went to collect the Z.. how i miss her so so much.. tomorrow i need to take her for a wash :)

So, here are the pictures of the Z as per requested from you guys :-

As for the spoiler, this is the before picture :-

And this is the after picture :-

What do you think? should i take more pictures?? well, maybe later when my bb is back :P he can take good pictures :)

While i was at racing fit today, i saw a chick driving a Z too.. same exact color but with Nismo bodykit..



ps: should i change the rims to 19? or just keep the original rims but powder coat it to gunmetal?


ckwei said...

looks awesome now, but would be even better if there's some nismo livery on it :P i suggest u snatch russ' te37s and force him to get his long due lmgt4s :X

:: Nicole.F :: said...

ckwei: why not i force him to get ME the LMGT4 instead?? :P muahahahaha!

ckwei said...

cos er.. cos a guy's gotta get what a guy wants mar. u got ur new toy d, and a new dress for ur new toy. time for russ to get a new accessory for his old toy rite? :P

Russ said...

Looks nice, cant wait to see it in the flesh.. Think you should get the rims sprayed a dark metallic grey, brown/red/bronze colour.. :) 19" rims will make the car tramline a lot, and the tires will be very VERY costly!

CK: Im happy with my wheels, but I do fancy black rims.. :) But its whats on the inside thats more important to me ;)

zewt said...


Anonymous said...

The Z is looking real good. It definitely need wheels to match that bodykit. Instead of 19" wheels, 18" offset wheels would be great. Wouldn't be that bad in terms of drivability and tire costs compared to the 19".

Anonymous said...

chicks only rule if they bought the car themselves la. for you, you're just living off your hubby. you're capable of working, but you chose not to.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

anon: u chicken shit.. put your name on the comment that u just wrote.. u dare to criticize ME and the way i choose to live my life BUT u're scared to put your f**king name down?

anyway, it's MY life.. i choose to work or not to work ISN'T your f**king prob..

AND your definition on 'GIRLS RULE' with mine is TOTALLY different.. what i meant was we girls can drive a Z too.. the car isn't just for guys.. PLUS yea, it's bought by my hubby.. so what?? what's the difference if it's bought by my DAD or my MUM or my HUBBY?

*eyes rolling*

IF u think i'm a show off then don't f**king read my blog, okay?

Anonymous said...

anon is jealous and chicken.