Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Remember how crazy i was and always had this craving for Krispy Kreme?? i can tell you that i'm done with it! yea, you heard me.. i'm D-O-N-E with it (at least for this year).. why you might ask.. coz recently my uncle and aunty bought 18 pieces of KK for me from their trip to philippines! 18.. EIGHTEEN.. just for me.. like i'm not FAT enough *sigh*

Here's 1 of the 3 boxes they got it specially flown in for me :-

The signature Krispy Kreme treat is the original glazed.. my oh-so favorite :) oh yea, do you know that 1 piece of that mouth-watering-sweet-soft donut contains about 200 calories? darn.. i am soooooooooooo putting on weight :P

But i don't care.. my motto is 'EAT NOW, WORRY LATER'!! so every time i'd re-heat 2 donuts for my own savouring *heaven*... just 8 secs to re-heat.. from the fridge to the microwave.. see, it's stated on the box itself :-

Oh, forgot to mention.. i gave 3 pieces of donuts to Jason Phoon.. he asked for 3 so i gave 3 :P~ i thought he'd be sharing it with his parents or friends BUT no, he ate all by himself!! yea i know, jason.. it's THAT good =_=

ps: bb, you want me to keep some for you?? hahaha.. oh yea, you prefer Big Apple Donuts better right?? grrrrrrrrrr....


jasonphoon.com said...

You're trying to make me fat :(

ps: can I have more pls ?

:: Nicole :: said...

hahaha.. well, i still have 6 more to go.. u sure u want more??

ps: u get fat better than me getting fat! :P~ muahahahah!!