Tuesday, January 08, 2008

who was driving?

Look-ie who was behind the wheel!!!!!

MOVE!! GO! GO! GO! *honk honk*

Or else you'd get served :-

I was at Plaza Damas waiting for lovegoddess and i so happened to witness that.. i just wonder why won't those people just park at the designated parking area and instead of taking a risk of getting a summon..

Anyway, i couldn't bother much.. as i was busy cam-whoring in the car! :P~ more pictures below :-

After all the modeling and posing, boboie finally felt tired and sleepy.. now you see it (i mean his eyes) :-

Now you don't!

ZzzzZzzZzzZZzZzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ~~~~~

ps: for those who wants to check your summons, type POLIS SAMAN (car reg number space) SEMUA on your mobile and send it to 32728.. every sms will cost you RM0.50.. as for me, i got no summons til 09/01/08.. PHEW!


jasonphoon.com said...

awwwww boboie looks so cute when sleeping.

you know, I always park at those spots at damas ... ^__^

:: Nicole :: said...

i love it when boboie falls asleep in my arms.. just like when he was much much younger :)

and pls, don't be a lazy ass :P~ park IN the parking area.. not OUTSIDE.. hahaha.. u won't be lucky all the time :P

Nicwan said...

Hi Nicole,

This is my first comment :P. I have been reading your husband's blog. Got the link from EJ :P the white skyline owner.

and so happened Jason Phoon is my mate :) LOL..small world.

Anyway...great car you have there,

:: Nicole :: said...

nicwan : wah! indeed this is a small small world :) and oh, welcome to my blog!

nicwan said...

Yes..it's a small world.

Unfortunately, I don't drive Skylines. I only drive a Toyota Starlet EP91 in Australia. Nothing big in terms of HP.

Calv said...

lets mate our dogs to become a golden tzu wahahaha

:: Nicole :: said...

calv: mate? eh, boboie is still young, naive, innocent AND not horny :P

zewt said...

eh, what if the dog pee in the car ah?

:: Nicole :: said...

zewt: boboie had never ever pee-ed in the car before since the day me & russ brought him home :)

he's a good boy

Miss Piggy Lass said...

hehe ur dog's so cute!! I have a shih tzu too!! but it's weird, her hair is kinda thin and coarse haha

ilovepearly said...

Awwww.... he's sleeping!

:: Nicole :: said...

miss piggy lass: hmmm.. most ppl do compliment about boboie's fur.. i don't have to brush it.. it's always shiny and not tangled up :)

ilovepearly: guess he was REALLY tired :)