Tuesday, January 22, 2008

PC or Mac?

When my bb was back a couple of weeks ago, we were doing some window shopping for our new home :) we're interested to get a computer for our family room.. was thinking of a desktop but why not a lappie?

We came across
this at the Sony outlet :-

I thought that was a nice computer for our home BUT NO... i just found something better AND nicer.. plus of course it's MORE expensive.. DARN! why o why kurt? why did you blogged about 'IT'?? you're making me drool AND regret buying the MacBook so soon *sigh*

Yes, i'm talking about the new
MacBook Air.. just check out the pictures below AND you'd know why i'm drooling all over it :-

It is REALLY THAT thin!!

ps: Windows Vista or OS X v10.5 Leopard?


Russ said...

I still preffer windows :P~

ckwei said...

the MBA is pure form over function, priced way over the top for what it actually packs. i'd suggest u to go for higher-end vaio SZ or TZ models if u prefer a laptop, better bang for your buck. for a living room com, i'd suggest a 24" imac instead, those will serve their purpose well enough :)

lovegoddess said...

most people would prefer windows but mac has got nice design & its own good functions :) decisions.. decisions :)

deedee said...

mac mac mac!!!

- tony - said...

got to add this to my new wishlist. f**king gorgeous. hell it's an apple product. they always surpass in design. i want one!!

jasonphoon.com said...

they both look so preetyyyy @__@

I would go for mac, cause sometimes I'm sick of PCs...

meng said...

frankly, windows just suck. so obviously OS X is the way to go.

I have to say, the MBA is a bit of a airhead, lol. Looks over features. Take a look at the iMac. they had that design waaaay before Sony thought of it.

As an apple freak. i will always say, BUY A MAC!
My iBook is 4 years old and it has not crashed before.

Whilst my windows...well, let's just say that PC is in the junk shop for scraps.

Kurt said...

Desktop? iMac FTW!