Tuesday, January 01, 2008

~ Happy New Year!! ~

I should be in a happy mood since it's the new year BUT i'm not.. i bet you guys know why.. there's ONLY one thing in this whole wide world which makes me feeling blue.. yeap, my bb is away now.. on his way to egypt in the airplane as i'm typing this.. am missing him already now..

Oh, before my bb left we went to the Curve for his haircut.. and we got ourselves some Big Apple Donuts.. i was skeptical about the Big Apple Donuts .. wondering IF it'd be as nice as Krispy Kreme or better! when we arrived at the outlet, there was a long queue.. as usual =_=

We got into the queue and i took out my camera phone and started to snap a few pictures :-

I was in the queue.. can you spot me??

After awhile, look what my bb was doing :-

He was sitting down and resting! =_= he was the one who wanted it but i was the one who was lining up! grrrrrrrrrrr..... anyway, i'd do anything for my bb so i'm not complaining :P~

We got 12 donuts and these were the flavors we got (mostly choco as my bb loves em') :-

I still prefer Krispy Kreme tho :) and my mum agrees with me.. hehehe.. i can't wait to get my hands on some Krispy Kreme soon!

Btw, here i'd like to wish ALL of my readers and bloggers.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! oh gosh, i'd be turning er.... 27 soon.. darn! getting old.. sigh... luckily i'm married already!! :)

So, 2008 here i come!! my bb promised me wedding pictures and honeymoon.. so i promised him that i'd give him a baby.. hehehe.. we'll see *wink*


Keaton said...

where to get krispy kreme?
btw happy new year to you too!

ilovepearly said...

I hope either one of you get what you want for 2008!!! hehehe!

:: Nicole :: said...

keaton: u can't get KK in KL.. i'm just waiting for at least a dozen of KK to be flown together with my uncle and aunty from the philippines to KL :)

Russ said...

I like BigApple Donuts.. the KrispyKreme we had was old.. :P