Sunday, May 04, 2008

2nd attempt?

A week ago, it was my 1st attempt to fried a fish.. it turned out to be ugly :P yea, it was burnt one side.. click on the pic..

So a week later, today.. i tried again.. this time it's NOT burnt but it doesn't taste like fried fish :( it's too soft! *sigh*

Here's the pic of my homecooked dinner :-

Fried romaine lettuce with fermented bean curd, fried prawn omelette, fried silver pomfret and rice.. MY dinner! :)


ps: of course my mum also ate :P


Jason Ong said...

From the pic of the fish, I guess it's well cook. It's normal for pompfret to be soft in this manner if u dun want the burnt sensation. Good, u r improving in your cooking. Why not next time try another type of fish like red fish meat, or salmon. They r easier to cook. Happy cooking!

Unknown said...

I been baking fish more, usually not a whole fish with head and fins...hehe. Looking seeing your dinner pictures.

Russ said...

Bebee, I miss u!! Wish I could come home soon to some home cooked food! :)

Xiao Xiao said...

Walauweh.... not many girls wanna cook at home already... rare rare material....

good job babe....

Anonymous said...

Actually it's very easy to fry fish. Just make sure that your pan or wok is really hot, until you can see the smoke, then put in the fish gently and let it fry for a few minutes. Don't turn the fish around always. Then, you'll have a nice fried fish. One more thing, make sure you wipe the fish dry with paper towel or something. You don't want the oil to attack you :)

Enjoy reading your blog :D

:: Nicole.F :: said...

jason: yea.. would try with other type of fish next time :)

kay: bake? how? u mean steam?

bb: the food which i cooked doesn't taste like what u ate outside.. mine not nice :(

innocentwitch: well, before married i don't cook.. but since i'm married, a house wife and a mother (in the future) i have to cook :P

psssssst, if not my hubby will find another one to cook

seokthong: your advice/guide is EXACTLY what my mum told me.. hahaha..

and thanks for reading! :)