Monday, May 26, 2008

am i organized?

Hmmm.. my mum has been telling me that i'm UN-organized.. my stuffs are just every where on the table.. my cupboards and drawers are FULL.. my shoes are every where including in my car =.=

So, when i move into our new home i'd want to be as organized as i can.. i want to keep everything in place.. i wonder when will i mess it up OR would i mess it up?:P

Anyways, as all of you read my previous post.. i bought a lot of plastic containers from ikea.. maybe you'd wonder what i'd do with it.. here are some pictures :-

My make-ups (not so many right?)

Bathroom essentials (collected from the hotels)

My nail colors (which i hardly use)

Our electronic stuffs (camcorder and camera chargers)

My CDs and our DVDs collections

My bb's PS3 games and blu-ray collections (for now)

My storybooks and comics collections

One of our 3 drawers in our study room

Ahem.. yes, those are paints from tamiya :P i still have a GT500 Xanavi 350z model to do.. will do it once i've settle in to our new home :)

ps: stay tune for more pictures~~


ckwei said...

u can never get enough organising containers :P trust me, especially for the kitchen, cos between me, my sis, and my gf, we've used up more than 30 containers, just for the kitchen! u wont notice it until u've run out! :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

ckwei: i hope i won't have a prob with that as i'd have MINIMUM kitchen utensils :P

Par said...

Love looking at organize pictures.
I usually would have seperate plastic drawers to put those stuff.