Saturday, May 24, 2008


Ikea has been my fav place to shop for home accessories.. i didn't know that in order to start a NEW family/home, i've to spend so much time, effort and money.. unconsciously, i've spent at least rm600+ for the past 3 days shopping in ikea! hey, i gotta buy what i gotta buy right??

My mum and uncle bought us the Samsung fridge, my grandma got us the electrical appliances (rice cooker, fruit juicer/blender, iron) and my aunty gave me rm2k to buy things for our home.. so i bought this which cost rm900+ including the waste thingy :-

Domsjo ceramic double bowl

So my 3-days shopping spree in ikea includes :-

Bevera sealing clips

Bumerang skirt hanger x 6

Dokument letter tray

Dokument pen holder

Dokument wastepaper basket

Flint 2-piece book end x 2

Fniss wastepaper basket

Glis box set of 3 x 2

Glis box with lid x 2

Ice cube trays

Ikea jar (for rusty's food)

Istad re-usable seal plastic bags

Kaffee coffee maker (for my bb)

KNYCK napkin holder

Lillholmen soap dispenser x 3

Lillholmen toothbrush holder x 2

Limmeran bottle set

Propp clothes hanger 8-piece x 6

Rationell variera plate holder x 4

Slom jar with lid x 4 (for sugar, salt, flour & herbs)

Sova king fitted bed sheet

Syntess skiss bowl x 2

Vessla storage crate x 2 (for CDs & DVDs)

Vink CD rack x 2 (for my bb's PS3 games & blu-rays)

All and all, i've to say my MOST fav item from ikea will have to be this :-

This pic can't justify how pretty it is when it's lighted up :)

Last but not least, i got something too for boboie and it cost rm5 :-

Since i'd be moving away soon, i'd be taking boboie with me together.. so i bought another teddy to put in our home and the old one shall be left behind in my mum's house.. boboie always sleeps together with the teddy.. keeps him accompany at night.. this is how boboie sleeps together with his 'sleeping partner' :-

Now, i can't wait to shop for a microwave, hair dryer and an air pot! hehehehe... i can't wait to move in!!

ps: i got more items from ikea but since i can't find the pics online, so i didn't post it up :P


:: about me :: said...

haha. i thought i was the only freak who loves ikea shopping... =p

Anonymous said...

Hi Nic, have been following your blog for quite some time. You are a lucky girl. Always heard abt you talking abt your hubby, mummy, grandma, aunt and uncle but never heard you mention abt your dad. Mind to tell us where is he? But if you dont feel wanna tell its ok. Anyway, wish you and your hubby have a happy life. Cheers =)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

jessica: my mum & dad divorced when i was in high school.. they asked me who i wanted to follow so i chose my mum.. i hardly have any contact with my dad's family as i'm not so close with my dad's side..

anyways, thanks for reading my blog :) wish u have a good & happy life too

Par said...

Always love shopping for home items...
it's so cute he sleeps with a teddy...

Anonymous said...

You're a lucky girl to have so many people sponsor you stuff for your new home. I was one of those without such sponsors - everything came out of our own pockets. How many thousands did it cost for a new home? I lost count.

Be glad of what you have.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

dann: my family (from my mum's side) works this way.. if anyone of them buys new house, we all will chip in to buy something for them.. when my uncle got his house, my grandma and aunty paid for the stairs railing, my mum paid some for the renovation AND i bought them a microwave.. then my aunty got her house, i bought her a tv, my mum got her a dining table, my grandma paid for the curtains an my uncle paid for the water filter.. and when my mum got her house, er.. i forgot what they got her coz it has been so long ago :P

so now, it's my & my bb's turn.. hence they chipped in too! :) oh oh.. also i'm the eldest grandchild to my grandma and my aunty's fav niece.. before my 2 younger cousins were born, my grandma used to babysit me, my aunty cooked for me, takes me to school and tuition while my mum and dad worked.. so there's a extra strong bond between both of them! :)