Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm sure everyone knows who is tiesto.. so no introduction needed! >.< i do listen to dance music before this but just that i do not know who were the djs =.="

Anyways, before my bb left he got me hook to tiesto's 'In Search of Sunrise 6'.. bb, you forgot to give me a copy before you left! hmph! now i'm officially in love with tiesto.. don't be jealous, ok bb? afterall it's you who made me fell in love with tiesto :P

Here are some songs which i found on :-

I am so gonna buy this album!! in fact, am planning to get it first thing tomorrow when i go out :)

ps: i DO NOT want to miss tiesto performing again next time!!!! grrrrrr...


Russ said...

Yeah, i think in search of sunrise 6 is great. Ive seen Tiesto live.. nothing that great.. sweaty crouds, sticky people dancing around u.. not what I would call ideal party conditions.. perhaps if Malaysia wasnt so hot & humid... the only thing I enjoyed was the cool lazer light dispay.. But nothing beats blasting progressive trance at home or in the car.. :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

so u mean u won't go to any rave anymore? :( so i can't go too? *sigh*