Friday, May 23, 2008

why not proton?

Since Malaysia, our Bolehland is SO proud of our local cars.. why not OUR ministers or Agong (King) sit in one?! most of them, they'd roll in a VIP style Mercedes or BMW.. check out our King's ride :-

I bet this Maybach is just one of the many exotic cars which our King owns.. hmmmm... why not proton come up with something as good as this and make us ALL proud?? =.= i guess i made you spilled your coffee on the table, huh? hahaha.. yea i know.. it's too early to be dreaming >.<


Anonymous said...

Wow...I didn't know the King has Mayback. That's where our tax dollars's at least half a million pounds so a standard Mayback.

Funny though, Australian Prime Minister sits in a Holden (Aussie national car) and he can't even fly in a special jet like Air Force 1 because the Aussie ppl rejects that.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

nicwan8: half a Mil POUNDS???!!! *faint*

Anonymous said...

Don't quote me on that but Jeremy from Top Gear said that :)

Eugene said...

Ironically, our very own Malaysian King actually gave a Proton Savvy to the Thai King for his birthday!

Then Savvys were subsequently recalled in Malaysia:


:: Nicole.F :: said...

eugene: OMG.. a savvy of ALL the proton cars? what a joke