Saturday, May 10, 2008



I've search high and low on the internet for pics of me during the event BUT lucky me, there's NONE! yay! *phew* thank god >.<

Arghhhhhhh! my feet hurts :( eventho i was wearing my crocs *sigh*

A few days ago, i received a sms from remus asking me if i'm interested to display the Z at the Auto Fiesta, Metropolitan College.. since i've never display my car before, why not? here's the poster :-

As my mum was out today, i stayed at home with boboie.. then by 4pm-ish, my mum came home.. i took my shower, changed and went to wash the Z.. by the time i went to the car wash, it was already 5.45pm and i was supposed to arrive in Subang by 6pm.. argh... i asked the guys to speed up the washing..

At almost 7pm, i arrived at the Metropolitan College.. it was not so BIG but still there were people and photographers there.. i parked the Z and as i was getting down from the Z, i was blinded by the flash from the cameras.. WTF! for once in MY lifetime, i felt like i was a celebrity! hahaha.. like i was walking down the red carpet..

After that, i went around taking other cars pics.. just let the pics do the talking, yah :-

I thought that no one will be interested to take pics with the Z since it's so plain and stock-ish BUT boy, was i wrong! hehehe.. is the place where my bb met me :) an online car forum.. i display the Z for them.. this was how their booth looked like :-

They were selling t-shirts and stickers.. remus had a booth as well.. it's call 'motorsportplayground'.. check it out :-

I was helping around at the booth.. selling drinks (coke & red bull), t-shirts, stickers and dvds.. they even had 2 play stations there with GT4.. a DJ was spinning there as well :-

For those who bought stuff from either ZTH or motorsportplayground, they were entitled to play the GT4.. and the winner will go home with a helmet which worth about rm500..

Finally after tedious rounds of GT4, a winner emerged! :-

And the runner-up took some goodies home :-

The winners :-

After the prize giving ceremony, 2 BIG boys jumped into the seats :-

Ok, i guess you guys thought that i've forgotten about something important in a car show.. hahaha.. yea yea.. the girls =.=

That's ALL for the girls' pics.. hmph! :P

While i was helping my friend at the booth, i'm surprised that there were some photographers who wanted to take MY pic! they must be out of girls to photograph =.= or they just want to show people that there's an ugly girl at the car show.. LOL!

Oh yea, for the guy who came up to me and asked 'are you nicole?' and 'are you nicole westwood?'.. i didn't get your name =.=" sorry dude.. i was like so blur and it was so noisy.. i can't really hear you.. the speakers behind me was TOO loud, man.. but thanks for reading my blog.. hehehe :) btw, what's your name? and oh, i look different from my pics on my blog?? er... like how? uglier? fatter? :P

ps: i hope there won't be many ugly pics of me circulating on the internet *praying*


Russ said...

U thought no one would take pics of the Z coz its so plain & stock?? Its got a Veilside kit & Nismo rear spoiler, its a ST version of the 350Z as well with Brembos, etc, its far from stock standard.. :P Some ppl like the 'clean' look, including me!

I cant wait to see the pics other ppl took of u and the Z when u first arrived.. :P

Brian's orange Supra looks good with the new monster garage works..

Wish I was there to play on Remus's GT5 PS3 simulator.. think I might have stood chance to win!

thanx for the pics bebee, hope ur happy with the Z..

Anonymous said...

haha.. hi nicole.. thats me.. i was asking are you russ's wife.. not nicole westwood.. hehe.. its alright that you cant hear what im saying because i cant really hear what actually i was talking too.. ya.. you look quite different from the pics.. emm.. i think its because you just cutted your hair thats why it makes you look different.. you dont really get fatter from the pics actually.. just bit chubby.. sorry if i said something wrong ya.. hehe.. maybe the pics i have seen was very long ago.. cheeerrr.......

hi russ.. you're right too.. the Z is not really stock ya.. its been mod lots.. it juz look stock from the outside besides the VS kits.. as you said.. im those ppl whose like 'clean look' as you.. hahhahaha... nice Z....

:: Nicole.F :: said...

bb: what i mean stock is that it's straight out from the factory as a ST version.. the z is not fitted with a trubo charge or super charge.. compare to the supra, it's stock-ish :P

and oh, it's PS2 only.. so they were playing GT4.. it's not a PS3..

thiam loong: =.= why does everybody knows me as russ's wife?? even brian.. i was like 'hi, remember me?' and he was like 'errrrr..' AND then i had to say 'russ's wife, nicole' then he went like 'ooohhhh'..

pics are deceiving.. hehehe.. nah, i admit that i'm chubby and also NOT pretty :P pssssst, only russ thinks i'm cute.. hahahaha..

anyway, it's nice meeting ya in real person :) u should've try the GT4.. hey afterall, u bought 2 t-shirts right? :P

Russ said...

Thiam Loong, the Z is pretty stock on the inside.. :)

Bebee, its not fully stock! Got a veilside kit, Nismo spoiler, and I forgot to mention, Fujitsubo exhaust system & carbon fibre propshaft!! :P

Shopaholicfern said...

i have to say that the Z looks great, Nicole...and u're a very lucky girl to get one as a present..

:: Nicole.F :: said...

bb: but but.. i want more! :P

shopaholicfern: yeah.. i always consider myself as VERY lucky indeed :D

Anonymous said...

nicole:haha.. i guess thats the easiest way for everyone to recognize you.. hehe.. i didnt mean that you are ugly okie.. but chubby is okie.. even my gf also chubby n she looks cute as you.. thats what i feel the same way as russ... hahah.. cheer.. ya i bought 2 t-shirts but its okie for the GT4.. because i dont really play video games.. so if i sit down on that bucket seat.. probably will be the top 3 overall from the slowest laptime.. hahhaha...

russ:ya.. its pretty stock right now.. but few more months later.. its gonna be a GT monster overall from outside to inside.. kakakaka.. i hope you get what i mean.. =)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thiam loong: guys like girls to have a bit of fat, huh? hahahah..

anyways again, it was nice meeting ya.. hope to see u again next time during some car show :) and oh oh.. thanks for reading my blog :D

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. ya i do.. not really prefer on those too skinny ladies.. hehehe.. nice to meet ya too.. shall meet ya soon i guess.. your blog is quite attractive.. especially article about your bb.. hahahhaha.. keep it up.. cheerrrr....

JammyG! said...

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for dropping by my portal. I understand you were looking for picture's of you eyh?


Well, I do have pictures of your silver 350z. However, the red hot looking 350z caught my eyes. Afterall, red's my favorite color. Hence, the selection before writing my post.

Please don't feel bad? I believe cars are like human... in a way? Well, they're somehow unique and special in their own way. And I'm sure you car lovers know much more than me in this area.

Nice knowing you.

...and nice blog btw.



:: Nicole.F :: said...

jeremy: thanks for dropping by to my blog :) well, i guess red is a attention grabbing, hot color :P