Tuesday, May 13, 2008

no more rave in PD?

NOOOOOOooooooooooooooo! last saturday, there was a rave party at Port Dickson.. the world renowned deejays Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and German trance duo Cosmic Gate were there.. argh!!! i missed Tiesto AGAIN! =.=

If my bb was here, we'd have gone to the rave instead :P~ coz i've NEVER EVER been to a rave party before.. dancing all night, drinking beers and getting sweaty.. hahaha..

Anyways, i read on the newspaper.. the residents of Port Dickson were not happy with the 'wild' party at the seaside.. click here to read more.. i must agree that some youngsters were abusing booze and drugs.. but what's with the skimpy clothes? it's a seaside party! of course girls would come in their bikinis and guys would go topless.. you don't really expect them to come with long sleeve shirt and long pants, riiiiiiiight? *eyes rolling* plus of course there's booze.. coz heineken was one of the partners for this event.. you expect heineken NOT to sell booze?? *double eyes rolling*

So now i guess it'd be harder to have a rave party in Port Dickson again.. read this.. i hope they won't ban rave party in KL or in M'sia.. ok ok.. as if i really care.. but if they really ban it, i'd drive ALL the way to Singapore for it.. hmph!


Anonymous said...

Nice topic, the organizers were not smart enough when picking a venue.PD is not the place,its very true to keep tradition and culture at some places.

Anonymous said...

luckily not my pic!!