Monday, January 08, 2007

the beast?

What do you know about my baby's 'beast'? maybe none of you guys are interested in the 'beast' BUT not me :p~ well, i've to admit that i didn't drooled when my baby came to pick me up for our first dinner date.. i don't know why.. instead i was more to looking forward to meet him in person.. it was quite late when my baby arrived to pick me up for our first ever dinner date as he drove all the way from penang to kl in his 'beast'..

This is the 'beast' which my baby pulled over right in front of my apartment for our first dinner date :)

It was about 9pm ish when he arrived.. i didn't get to have a good look at him BUT when he was pumping petrol at the petrol station nearby my place, i was like........... i fell hard.. i fell in LOVE with him.. love at first sight :)

As most of you know, i love cars.. modified and performance cars.. that is why i'm on zth and the place where i got to know my baby.. if not for the 'beast', my baby won't be on zth.. when my baby gave me rides in the 'beast', i like it.. it doesn't feel like he's doing 200kmph! lol.. i always pushed him to go faster :p~ then one day, as i was driving in my car with my mum.. my baby drove passed us.. more like zooooooooooooming passed us.. i was like 'SHIAT!' i didn't know the 'beast' was that fast! lol.. the best thing i love about the 'beast' is the sound of the engine roaring AND the sound of the BOV (Blow-Off Valve).. everytime when my baby was around the corner at my place, i'd be able to hear the BOV! hehe.. but most people will take it as noise pollution BUT to me, it's just music to my ears :)

Now, the 'beast' is in the workshop.. 5 weeks.. i think more than that.. soon will be 2 months.. i really miss 'him'.. i wish 'he' would be ready soon.. so that my baby could 'un-leash' the 'beast'.. LOL..

p/s: baby, i miss you too.. don't be jealous, ya? :p~ hehe..


Anonymous said...

wahhh.. ok ok ok !!! very 'lummmmm'!!!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

hehehe :p~

Anonymous said...

Hey baby, dont worry, last time 400bhp @ the wheels, soon 700bhp.. kekeke..
But seriously, Im glad I have a wife has so much in common with me, and appreciates the Beast.. hehe.. MUAKS!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i'm sure there are girls out there who appreciate cars as well :)