Wednesday, January 10, 2007

what's the difference?

I came across many people asking me how's married life.. for me, there's some differences but also there's some similarities between married life and single life..

First of all, the MOST obvious difference is that people would now refer me as Mr
s Westwood or Mdm Foong instead of Miss Nicole.. hehe.. secondly would be when i fill up forms, i'd have to tick Mrs now :p~ thirdly, i've a husband instead of having nobody to love me back.. now i can afford to have a comfortable and easy life compare to the working life i had before.. thanks to my hubby.. i too can now have things which i can only dreamt of last time.. besides my aunty, grandma, mum and uncle, i have an extra person to pamper me :) as well.. also i can go for holidays with the one i love (hubby).. to have un-limited *ahem* with my hubby in MY bedroom :p oh oh, and i can have kids :) lil Westwoods running around.. most of all, i have/would have a FAMILY of my own..

But then even after married, i
still live with my mum coz my hubby isn't always here with me.. he has to work, you know? for our future :) and our apartment isn't ready yet.. so it's still the same.. i still go shopping with my aunty, take my mum to pay bills, do grocery shopping with my mum, eat at home, watch tv at home and online..

Somehow, i do like my life right now.. actually i'm LOVING it! :) i have EVERYTHING every girl c
ould possibly want.. and i'm satisfied *BIG grin*

My hubby, my lover, my soulmate, my life :)


Russ said...

Im glad you are happy, and dont regret marrying me.. :) I really want this marriage to work with all my heart! :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

don't worry baby.. this marriage WILL last for a lifetime!! :)

zewt said...

it's getting increasingly 'cold' to read your blog.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

'cold'? is it becoz most of my posts are dedicated to my hubby? hehe..