Friday, January 12, 2007

my experiences with the 'beast'?

I HAVE to blog this.. as i was driving to the mini mart at my place, i spotted an orange Lamborghini Murciélago!! i was like "OMIGOSH!!"..

Isn't this a beauty? imagine seeing this in real life.. i was like 'whoa!'

I asked my mum to look at it.. the owner just finished pumping petrol and he opened the door.. my mum was like 'wah! the door open like that ar?'.. i was like 'er, yeah'.. and she asked me 'so, that car is more expensive than russell's car?' and then i was like 'of course!'.. duh~.. a Lambo can't be compare to a skyline.. it's just above the par.. a Lambo should be compare to a Ferrari.. that's for sure :p~

Okay okay, enough about the Lambo.. i know that we could not afford one UNLESS the one which is scaled down to 1:24 selling at Tamiya shop! LOL! let's leave the lambo and ferrari to those super rich and famous people.. for now, i'd like to talk about the 'beast'.. yeap, my baby's 'beast'...

Beauty and the 'beast'? LOL!! XD

My 1st experience driving the 'beast' was waaaaaaaay back in august 2006.. it was when i was dating my baby.. he was staying at a hotel at that time and he gave me 'the heavy key'.. lol.. so i started the engine.. it went 'roooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaar'.. oh, it turned me on :p~ then my baby came down and he saw me at the driver's seat.. so, he went to the passenger seat and i was like 'what are you doing?'.. and he pulled the seat belt and said 'you drive'.. i went 'huh? you serious?'.. and he gave me his serious look on his face.. okay okay, so i pulled the seat nearer coz i'm short.. sigh..... the clutch was giving me problems.. racing clutch #!@^&*$! i put on reverse gear and i
had one hell of a time to get the 'beast' out from the parking box! why? coz the engine kept giving up on me! arghhhhhhh! my baby was like 's-l-o-w-l-y let go of the clutch' and then the engine died.. and i tried again.. and again and again.. thank god my baby was patient with me and let me torture the 'beast' :p.. i gave up eventually..

The second time i drove the 'beast' was when my baby wanted to install strobe lights.. so i drove the 'beast' to my friend's accessories shop which is just nearby.. oh man! HUGE mistake! i had troubles with the clutch again! i stopped at a junction and guess what? the engine kept dying as i let go of the clutch too much.. cars were piling up behind me waiting for me to go but there we were, stuck at the junction.. luckily my baby was with me.. i didn't panicked and just left the 'beast'.. lol.. well, the drivers behind me was nice enough not to honk me.. thank god for that BUT it was embarassing for sure! after that blardy junction, i managed to drive to the workshop without stalling.. upon arriving at the shop, there were a few customers.
. guys mostly.. with their wira-lution and waja-lution.. when they saw me coming out from the 'beast', i know that ALL eyes were on me! LOL.. damn.. it felt nice..

And my third time with the 'beast' was after we had our TT session at subang.. it was me who wanted to drive this time.. why? coz we saw a girl driving a R32! i was thinking to myself.. if that girl could do it, why can't i? furthermore, the R32 is an older model.. it'd be nice to have a girl who drives a R34! so i told my baby about my request.. without hesitation, he stopped by the road side and let me take over the wheel.. i adjusted the mirror, side mirror and the seat.. it was nice driving at night.. it was like 2am.. my baby was like 'ok, change gear'.. 'change gear again'.. 'low gear'.. then..... 'FLOOR IT!' i was like 'HUH?!'.. so i floored it! OMG! it was fun! imagine 400bhp at the wheels.. unbelievable! no words could describe how it felt or how i felt at that time.. gosh...

Now, i really can't wait for the 'beast' to be 'un-leashed'.. it'd be 700bhp on wheels.. that's what my baby said.. i've made another resolution for this year.. which is to be able to 'tame' the 'beast'.. no no, not with the stool and whip :p~ lol.. i want to be able to drive it without any problems.. when my baby isn't around, at least i can drive it for him.. imagine, guys would be sooooooooooooooooooo jealous and envy.. LOL.. ain't it a good idea? hope my baby would believe in me.. that i'd take real good care of the 'beast' when he's away working.. nyek nyek nyek..

Driving a manual car isn't easy especially with a racing clutch but a performance car is always with manual transmission.. that is why i want my baby to get me a car with tiptronic transmission.. i don't need another manual car as he already has one! hehe.. so the next car that i want would be :-

The Fairlady 350z with a Nismo bodykit! ain't she's fine? mama-mia! as for the Veilside bodykit, it can wait.. as it's pricy..

p/s : fyi, i'm the only girl who had driven my baby's 'beast' since he bought it.. hehe.. the 1st and the last girl.. no other girls would have a chance to drive the 'beast'.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... LOL!


Russ said...

Baby, you aloso writing about the Beast?? Hahaha... :)
Hey, Lambo Murcealago is nothing compared to R34 GTR!! Top speed may be higer, but acceleration, handling, everything else is crap. Even an Evo7 can beat it round the TopGear test track! :P And you'll pay RM25k per annum on the road tax alone.. insurance?? Forget it. Price tag? RM4million.. worth it? No thanks..
I'd rather get a Ferrari F430 if I got the $$$... :P

izso said...

Personally I'd go for the glamour of the Lambo, but the thrill of the R34.

nice car and very pretty girl to go with it.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks izso :)

anyway the lambo is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my league.. but maybe my baby could afford one in the future.. hehe.. oh yea, he wants a Ferrari instead :p~

Anonymous said...

Lambo is built for top speed ma..
Skyline is built for drag

but both oso crap compare to Subaru. highway fast is no use.

if i were to buy a lambo, i rather get my self a WRC subaru.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

crap? lol.. obviously u haven't driven a GTR :p

baby, did a guy just sold his subaru after he tested the GTR? meor, is it? the guy with midnight purple GTR now.. who comes to tt with his kids.. hmmm, i wonder y he sold the subaru and gotten d GTR instead..

Anonymous said...

yup, i've tested a GTR, too heavy at corners.

most ppl sell of their subarus bcoz of the price when it comes to servicing and minor stuffs,

too change a spark plug, u need to open almost half the

hmm, mebbe u shud ask the owner of the imported GTR from japan on how long his car was in the garage.
(if i'm not mistaken, its a fully tuned gtr from MINES japan imported thru NAZA)

Russ said...

Hey anonymous, lambos murcealagos' are exotic cars, & not practical for daily street drving, ie getting in and out of basement parkings, etc.. need to be chauffered all the time, will probably get scratched a lot by jelous malaysians as well.. and very expensive, but on the track, they r great cars.

SubaruWRXs & EVOs are great cars, and they are even better at offroad rally racing, as that's what their actually built for.

Skylines are not built for Drag, they are only used for drag races a lot as they r easy to modify and have powerful engines.
But they also make great track cars, and still hold the records for most 'time attack's and lap times round the Nurburgring in Germany..

So, maybe you should think 2ce before saying GTRs and Lambo's are crap compared to Subarus'..

:: Nicole.F :: said...

why would i want to ask the owner for that? my hubby is having a 'project' going on with his GTR as well..

and fyi, the owner sold off his subaru and gotten a GTR coz he fell in love with a skyline right after driving it.. not coz he can't afford to maintain it..

so, diff ppl has diff opinions.. just think twice before saying which car is crap and which isn't.. i don't want to have started an arguement 'subaru vs other cars'

Anonymous said...

refer to ur first post which says that 'everything else is crap'.

quite happy that u still can diff betwwen an evo, subaru and skyline.

oh yeah nicole, take a look at the web about the MINES skyline..

the time at germany has already been broken,by another car make.. if u are referring to the R34 NUR Gold edition.

its not an argument, juz giving my point of view, thats wad this comments section is built for right?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

when my baby said 'everything else is crap' he didn't mean ALL the other cars are crap..

evo, subaru, skyline, lambo, ferrari.. are all built for their own purposes.. so every car is diff and are special in their own ways :)

Anonymous said...

Yup, everything has a purpose.

On a twisty track though, a properly tuned Subaru can challenge a Skyline any time.

The Skyline has straight-line power, but is just a little too dang heavy for the corners. Unless you get those RM10,000 suspension setups, a lot of cheaper modded cars can beat it.