Thursday, January 18, 2007

isn't this so cool AND amazing?

Apple recently has come out with a cool gadget.. it's a phone, a web tool AND an ipod! it's a fully touch screen phone!

Enjoy watching the demo!! :)


Anonymous said...

wow..this is so cool man...r u going to get it...collect the whole series of apple stuff...

if it reaches msia, i guess im gonna get it...mayb for my bf...:p


:: Nicole.F :: said...

well, i'm not sure if it can b use here in m'sia.. anyway, my hubby got me an ipod (videos, mp3s & pictures) and the sony mylo (IM, mp3s, pictures & videos)

maybe when my hubby comes back the next time, he could get it for me :) hehe..but all these gadgets, they tend to come out a new one very fast.. so, have to think twice before buying :p~