Tuesday, January 02, 2007

where's my doggie?

Today, i went to Pet Safari at Ikano with alice, my ex-schoolmate.. i had an intention of buying a bigger home for rusty, my hammie.. but i ended up buying other stuff:-

A box of dried food, a packet of jelly and a strap to walk rusty! lol.. cute...... and i've spent about RM 48! it's not cheap..

Anyway, i didn't get the house.. coz i was thinking what shall i do with the old house? it'd be wasted.. but aha! i thought of alice's colleague.. she got a hammie recently from alice as her christmas present.. so she'd need a nice comfy hous
e for her dwarf hammie.. i'd only get the new home for rusty IF someone wants the old house..

While i was there, i went to look at the cute doggies at the pet shop.. they have a few shih tzu, a maltese, a chihuahua and etc.. then
there was a siberian husky.. i was like "OMG!" i was amazed of how beautiful he/she is.. here's how a siberian husky looks like :-

Look, it's simply sooooooooo gorgeous..

Although the shih tzu were VERY cute and adorable, because of a 'personal' reason i do not want a shih tzu
if i'm to get a doggie.. furthermore, its fur is hard to maintain.. my personal fav would still be the jack russell.. lol.. yea, maybe it's something to do with the name :p~

Don't you think jack russells are cute as well?

But my hubby's fav doggie among ALL is the.... mastiff! hmmm...

Yup, it's a BIG dog.. but my baby said it can protect me when he's not around with me.. oh well.. makes sense too :)

I do hope my baby would get me a doggie.. to be my companion and to protect me when he's not around.. then i can buy those cute lil outfits i saw at Pet Safari and send him/her to the obedient classes (RM 360 for 10 classes) AND if me and my hubby wants to go for a long holiday, we can leave the d
oggie at the pet hotel! :)

Okay, enough about doggies.. now i wish i have one.. besides the hammie stuff i bought, i also got a nice wrapping paper for my hubby's christ
mas present.. hehe..

Can you guess what is it, baby? hehe.. i know you can't.. BUT i'm VERY sure you'd LOVE it! :) trust me...

And this is the greeting card

Baby, i'd be waiting for your return and we'd celebrate our christmas, new year, your b'day, valentine's day, chinese new year and my b'day, right? i LOVE you


Anonymous said...

I havent been to the Pet Safari yet.
The siberian husky & the Alaskan Malamute are my 2 fav dogs. Unfortunately, just like the St. Bernard, they require a lot of exercise & find out weather a little hot. Mastiffs are great dogs, not the Bull Mastif, which is a smaller version. How r we gonna keep a big dog in our apartment? :( Looks like we've gotta get a bigger house! :P
I wonder what that present is... you're teasing me!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

well baby, u have to come back and find it out yourself what it is :p~