Friday, January 19, 2007

when is he coming home?

At last my baby is at Houston, Tx when he sms-ed me to call him.. he's ON HIS WAY HOME!!! after 6 long weeks of waiting, i finally will get to see him again.. miss him heaps!~

Anyway, he got me a a couple of stuff from Circuit City before he left for Houston.. hehe.. i'd blog about it when he's back as i need to take some pictures of the stuffs first :p~ so be patient, ya? but i could tell that he got for me.. he got me a Bose SoundDock Digital Music System and a Sony Mylo!! but oh well, the Bose SoundDock System is actually for our new apartment later :) isn't he the BEST hubby in the
WWW (WholeWideWorld)? *beaming*

When i was on the phone with him, he was waiting to board his flight to LA.. in LA, he has to wait for another flight to come to Malaysia.. that would be like more than 14 hours of flying.. but in between, he might stop over at Taipei for about an hour before continuing his flight back here.. so, while waiting i asked him to search for my peanut butter M&M's.. we don't have it in Malaysia.. there's only either just plain chocolate or with nuts.. no peanut butter :(

This is how it looks like :-

Once i tried this, there's no turning back! thanks to andrea :p~

Hey, if anyone wants to do some business.. you could bring some of the M&M's here, Malaysia! haha.. i'd be the erm... 2nd person to buy it from you.. why not the 1st? well, coz andrea will be the 1st.. she's addicted to it! haha..

My baby would be arriving tomorrow which is 20th January.. he just missed his b'day.. and i hope he won't get tax for the stuff he got.. i can't wait to pick him up tomorow.. hope i could sleep tonight as i'm soooooooooooooooooooooo excited for tomorrow! :) oh yea, tonight will be the last night i'd be sleeping alone on my King size bed.. starting tomorrow night, i'd have him to hug to sleep! my baby............

p/s: yes, i'm sooooooooooooo crazy in LOVE with him :)


Anonymous said...

Nicole, got my mylo ??? eh i lost my hp liao, how do i contact you ^_^