Tuesday, January 23, 2007

new stuff from US?

Recently just in a couple of days, my hubby got back from US.. as all you know :p he got me some new stuff from there.. i was like a curious lil kid.. haha.. opening each of the presents he got for me eagerly..

Let me show you guys what he got.. first, FOOD! :-

This he got me 2 packets but i gave 1 to my aunty.. i haven't trie
d yet so i don't know if it's any good :p~

And he got me 3 packets of this as replacement for the 1 packet peanut butter M&M's which he could only manage to get for me..

Skittles! i used to love eating this when i was much younger.. he got this free from the plane :)

Okay, that was ALL about food.. now, let's see the Sony, Mylo he got for me.. actually he's supposed to get 2 but then the Mylo is selling like h
ot cakes back in the States.. so he was lucky to be able to get 1 for me.. at least..

Ta Dah! it comes with a pouch.. duh~ haha.. oh no, my finger prints ALL over.. hehe.. oopsie :p~

It's a slide cover.. cool, eh? the keypad is a lil too small for my hubby's fingers.. hehe.. for me, it's just purrrrrrrrrr-fect

The Mylo is smaller than i thought..

This is how it looks like
when it's switched on.. the left side there's a yellow-ish light and when i go online, the right side there's a blue-ish light.. isn't it awesome?

That's all for now.. i still have a few more stuff to show you guys.. but just be patient.. i have to take pictures of it first :p~ hehe.. oh yea, here's a picture of me and my hubby when he was online on his laptop and i was trying out the camera on my MacBook.. i took the opportunity to take more pictures with him.. am i smart or am i not? :p~

Hey, we were not naked, okay? :p~ ummmm.. he WAS half naked though.. LOL!


zewt said...

I want one !

zewt said...

Eh, how do you change the 'comments' to 'footprints'?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

u gotta change the HTML :)

Anonymous said...

No!!! That is mine ,muahahahaha *evil grin*

:: Nicole.F :: said...

yea yea.. selling it to you :p~

zewt said...

how to change the html la... i am not a very IT person la.... step my step la. or drop me a mail or something.