Thursday, January 11, 2007

why am i feeling this way?

Just wondering why am i feeling so 'blue'.. hmmmmmm... for sure it's not the 'time of the month' as it already came and gone.. LOL..

I just feel emotionally drained, easily get (upset, agitated, angry), sleepy, tired, don't feel like doing anything, bored, having sleepless nights, having nightmares, hard to go to sleep, can't eat much and etc.. maybe the time has come.. of course not 'the time of the month' again.. it doesn't come twice :p

I mean the time has come for me to feel LOVE once again.. to physically hug my baby.. you know, like the level of batt on my laptop.. it has to be charged once the level drops.. i think it's time for my baby to come home and 'charge' me.. lol.. er... that sounded not right :p~ i mean the 'hugs & kisses' level has been increasingly dropping.. i need more hugz and kisses from my baby.. it's gonna be 6 weeks soon since he went off.. i miss him sooooooooooooooooo blardy much..

Okay okay, i guess i have to stop here.. or else i might lose some readers as this is getting waaaaaaaaaay too mushy.. lol..

pssssssssst, can't wait for my hubby to get back soon BUT i don't think he'd be back next week or even this month :( sigh...........


Russ said...

I'll be home soon baby, hang in there!