Thursday, May 24, 2007

4 in the morning?

I really love this song by gwen stefani.. been repeating it on my laptop for an hour now.. in case you do not know what song, here it is :-

And here is the video.. ENJOY!! :)


auditor general said...

nice video. Gwen was voted one of the sexiest women >35 yrs of age recently.But my favourite is still Liz Hurley, the British rose.

:: Nicole :: said...

it's weird but it's true.. i don't fancy any actress or actor or even singers.. i mean if u were to ask me who is my fav celebrities, i'd go 'er.........'

lovegoddess said...

Gwen is one of my icon! i just lurvve her!! she's so stylo, verstatile and is one of the many few who can pull off extreme of weird styles!

hey nic...can't wait to see your doggie....he's uber adorable!!