Tuesday, July 31, 2007

do you bling?

'Do you bling?' is a tagline for a spring water bottle company, Bling H2O.. the Bling H2O is bottled at the source in Dandridge, Tennessee and their award winning natural spring water has won GOLD medal for the best tasting at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Festival..

Bling H2O comes in Limited Edition, corked, 750ml, reusable frosted g
lass bottles, exquisitely handcrafted with Swarovski Crystals and you could get it for just USD40 per bottle..

This is how it looks like :-

Paris Hilton was spotted giving her tinkerbell a taste of the Bling H2O.. i don't know about you BUT i'm sure i WILL get my hands on one of it :)

Monday, July 30, 2007

dog tag?

The other day when i was out with alice, i bought 2 dog tags for boboie.. it cost RM1.99 each.. so today i went to sg wang with my aunty to engrave boboie's name on it :) RM0.80 per alphabet.. ended up paying RM9.60 for the engraving..

Below are some pictures of the dog tags and boboie wearing it :-

Oh yea, my mum took out the clip.. hehe.. now he look so smart and handsome with the dog tag.. don't you agree? *wink*

hey, what's cooking?

YEAP! i cooked again! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! this time i cooked my favorite pasta.. which is..... *drum rolling* none other than... linguini vongole!! I managed to get some nice vongole.. thanks to my aunty.. she told me that i could find those nice vongole at jusco coz she saw it yesterday while grocery shopping with my grandma.. so after sending my aunty back home, i went to jusco.. i thought of cooking it tomorrow but i forgot that i've to meet my contractor to discuss about my kitchen layout tomorrow.. so i cooked it right after i arrived home..

Ingredients :-
- vongole

- linguini
- olive oil
- chopped garlic
- parsely
- basil
- black pepper

First, washed the vongole.. have to make sure it's clean.. then put it in the pot and boil it with water.. while waiting for the water to boil, take some linguini and put it on the pan with boiling water (add a lil oil so that the water boils faster).. when the vongole is cooked in the boiling water, take out the vongole from the pot and keep the water.. peel out the vongole flesh.. after the linguini is done and strained, pour some olive oil into a pan.. then add the chopped garlic, the water of the vongole and the vongole.. simmer it for awhile.. then add the linguini together and simmer again.. add some parsely, basil and black pepper.. stir it and serve! :)

Okay, i think i should add some dry white wine.. it'd taste better.. hehe.. next round i'd try with the wine ;) here's the pics :-

ps: i'm not a chef BUT my mum said it's nice.. so don't blame me if you follow my recipe and turns out... *yuck* :p~ hehe..

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Today after boboie had his usual once a week bath, i went to the grooming shop to take him.. and this is what i saw :-

I was like 'arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! what have you people done to my boboie??'.. i pity boboie.. the other dogs at the grooming shop must have been laughing at him *sigh*

*Interruption from boboie*

See, i told you people that i'd pose in anything just to get recruited as a model.. so now only you know i'm DROP DEAD serious, huh? i feel the gay-ness within me *woof*

think i can make it?

Remember my previous post about shopping online? well, i was thinking.. maybe i could do business online!

Yea yea.. it's not UNUSUAL nowadays to do business online.. but what i'm talking about is, when i go to US of A.. i bring back some of the stuff from there which you can't get it here in Malaysia.. what do you think?

I know some people like me who simply adores stuff which we can't get it here.. and yes, you can buy it online BUT not everyone has a credit card to do so.. furthermore even you have a credit card, the stuff that you want might not even be sent to here! it sucks.. i know.. unless for those who can afford to fly to Milan or US every month to shop, then my idea of doing this online won't mean a thing..

Anyway, i was browsing some stuff online.. i came across some designer brands which it's not on our shore.. example; L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani, Sweetface by J.Lo, House of Dereon by Beyonce, Roberto Cavalli, Juicy Couture, Baby Phat, Playboy and etc..

Do you think i can make it? it'd be much easier to get accessories from all these brands rather than apparels coz some people don't know their size and if it fits or not.. unless you're VERY sure.. hehe.. if i really do this, i can only bring in limited stuff coz i won't know if anyone will buy it from me or not :p~ hmmmmmmmmmm *wondering*

ps: i'd have an excuse to travel to US together with my bb every time he goes offshore.. tee hee..

Friday, July 27, 2007


This post is written behalf of my boboie..

If only i have fingers to type and not paws *sigh*

Today my owner took me out.. hehe.. i was such a good boy :) then after granny got out from the car, my owner took me somewhere.. i don't know where
it was BUT it has H-E-A-V-E-N!! i saw so many toys around, food AND some of my friends.. they all looked soooooooooo teeny weeny.. guess i'm the 'tai kor' @ BIG brother there :p~

Anyway, there was a guy trying to put something on me.. argh!!! i felt so hot after that.. i felt i was being squeezed into something.. what the heck was it?? suddenly i felt GAY.. coz whatever it was, it was hugging my body..

This is what 'hugging' my sexy plump body :-

As usual, after i got home.. i ran to the kitchen to pee pee and drink some water.. i was given treats coz i sat and come as i've been told.. also i gave my hand out.. after i munched down the biscuit, i felt my owner carrying me.. i looked down and WHOA! why the heck was i so high up?? again, i saw flashes *sigh*

My owner was quite happy that i sat still and just lie there.. she was ALL smiling and praising me.. oh, now i remember what those flashes were! i was being photographed!! am i the MOST sought after puppy or what?? it's for you to judge :-

So, what do you think? can i make it into the fashion industry? and earn BIG moolah like Gisele, Heidi and Tyra? i can pose in anything.. even lingerie, ok?

ps: Ford models agency.. please recruit me.. i promise i'd behave on the set.. just gimme ALL the food and snacks in the world that you can find.. just take a peek of my portfolio here.. btw, am i a doggie or a crabby? *woof woof*

my lunch?

I know i've been ranting and complaining on my previous posts.. well, i'm not a biatch who likes to complain, okay? :p~

Anyway, i went to Kim Gary with my aunty at Jusco for lunch.. you could say Kim Gary is my fav place.. i've been to the Sg Wang , Sunway Pyramid, Avenue K, The Curve outlets and now Jusco outlet :)

So here's my usual at Kim Gary :-

The entrance of the Kim Gary outlet at Jusco :)

A long list of food..

Continuing with more food and drinks til the back of the page..

My hot lemon tea.. good for digestion after my lunch.. hehe

Luncheon meat sandwich which i usually like to share it ;)

Last but not least, my Hong Kong style fried spaghetti with pork

Thursday, July 26, 2007

why do Malaysians drive like farks??

Those drivers out there really pissed me off BIG time!! i hate it.. i should use a stronger word than hate.. lemme think.. i DESPISE those idiots who thinks that they own the blardy F**KING road!! i usually drive safe nowadays.. i mean safe as in going between 70kmph to 100kmph coz normally i have passengers in my car.. either my aunty or my grandma or my mum..

And those blardy drivers.. i don't know if it's coz i'm a girl or what.. they'd just simply drive INTO my lane.. i mean like squeezing me to the divider or something! once i was driving on a 1 lane road to a 3 lane road.. then this Kia Optima was behind me.. i was driving about 80kmph and then this Kia driver just accelerated and squeezed his way to my right and to another road when he got the chance! i was like WTF!! i didn't noticed that he was coming.. i got startled and swerved my car to the left.. 'i could hit the gravel, you F**KER!!'

Today, after having lunch with my aunty at jusco.. i paid my parking ticket and i exit from the parking.. i wanted to overtake to the right to go straight to Cheras to pick up my grandma.. it was kinda jam.. i saw a black proton wira coming and i put my signal before that.. i was slowly coming out and then... i heard that BLARDY SOB honking at me!! WTF!! i put my signal and i was going really slow.. the car just came straight without braking.. i mean, hey come on!! he knew that i wanted to overtake to the right BUT he just won't give way!! yea, Malaysians have GOOD MANNERS.. my ASS!!

Then another incident where the driver just drove from his lane (far right) to my lane (middle) and then to the furthest left lane.. he did all that coz he wanted to turn to the left! why the F**K didn't that idiot keep to the left lane at first? oh i know.. coz the left lane was congested! i just hate those people who cut into queues as well.. they'd do it last minute only.. that explains why the plastic barriers are ALL smashed up most of the time..

Seriously i hate driving now.. i mean yea i'm a GIRL and i drive a Kia Spectra only.. that doesn't mean that you f**king have the right to BULLY me!! man, people drive crazy now.. okay, i don't mean to be rude or cruel BUT i wish those people who drive like farks will one day meet with an accident.. then i can drive pass them and laugh..

'Do you really think that you're untouchable? do you think that you're the man of steel? do you think you'd be ever so lucky to get away with accidents? do you SERIOUSLY think that you're Michael Schumacher?
even Schumacher won't be driving like you farks out there.. you just put other people's life in danger INCLUDING yourself'

Last but not least, DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THE CAR YOU ARE DRIVING IS THE KING OF THE ROAD?!! unless you're driving a freaking Ferrari or a Porsche or a Lambo.. if not, shuddap!! don't think with some stickers or some meters on the dashboard or some loud-but-serve-no-purpose exhaust on your car, it instantly gives you a 100bhp boost to your pathetic car and gives superpower for you to drive like farks!

ps: i'm not dissing on other cars BUT the car owners who drives like farks only.. unless you're one of them.. if not, don't be so sensitive ya? :p~ a thousand apology first.. hehe..

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

online shopping?

I've always fancy Baby Phat and Playboy stuff BUT i could never find it here in Malaysia.. yea we have the Playboy store but.. what the heck.. those stuff are old stocks!! and the tops look like the ones in Petaling Street @ Chinatown (fakies)..

Here's some of the Baby Phat stuff that i like (for now) :-

The charm bracelet..

And the stilettos

As for the Playboy store, i like a few things :-

The halter top bikini with a rhinestone bunny..

A pair of bunny earring..

Bunny pendent..

And last but not least, a matching bunny navel ring :)

Well, i could order those stuff online BUT... they don't send it to Malaysia!! argh!!!!!! WTF!!!! so i guess i could only shop for it when i'm in US of A.. bb, i can shop right? when i'm there.. you promised me already *looking at my bb with those puppy-looking eyes*


It's been quite some time since i drank my Chivas + coke AND also dancing the night away in a club


with my bb of course

Enuff said

Monday, July 23, 2007

am i emo or just so in love?

WARNING: an emo post.. and also i ran out of pictures of 'us' to post *sigh*

It has been more than a month since my bb left :( since the last time i kissed him and hugged him.. btw, my bb is now at Curacao.. i thought i won't be hearing from him for at least a week BUT thank god, my bb is smart enough to get himself a new SIM card for his phone which he can use at Curacao AND also Trinidad to call me and vice versa.. i love you bb *muacks*

Anyway, he told me that he already put his name on the list for the next crew change on the 15th Aug.. it didn't came across my puny lil brain THAT 15th Aug is our 1st year anniversary of our 1st meeting for dinner.. not until i put down the phone and started to brush my teeth! argh!!!! there goes.. we won't be celebrating our 1st anniversary on the day itself :( *sigh*

I think i miss my bb too much that i had another dream of him AGAIN.. i woke up and realize AGAIN that i was just dreaming.. i was hugging my bb's pillow actually when i dreamt of him.. it really breaks my heart :'( i just miss him so much..

Before we hanged up the phone last night, he asked me to hang on there.. that he'd be back home ASAP.. told me he could kill someone just to be back home with me.. awwwwwwww.. now, ain't that sweet? *me melting*

I just don't know why i love him so much.. although it has been only barely a year since i got to know him from the internet :) oh yea, i've to REALLY thank Sir Timothy John-Berners Lee @ the WWW inventor *bow bow* if not for the cyberspace, me and my bb wouldn't have met.. actually me and my bb kinda somehow probably might had crossed each other path before BUT we didn't know.. coz :-

- my bb used to travel from PJ to Batu Caves for work while me, travel from KL to PJ for work.. PASSING BY Batu Caves

- my bb used to go to Zouk, KL and Zouk is blardy near my place where i am staying with my mum AND i occasionally club at Zouk

- my bb stayed at Kelana Putra and that's where my ex-collegemates stayed coz our college was just nearby

- my bb used to hang out alot at 1Utama and 1Utama is like my 2nd home

But i guess FATE really brought us together :) we found each other.. and not one single day, i stop and regret of marrying this wonderful and loving and sweet guy.. every passing day, i feel blessed that i'm married to such a great guy and he's the BEST hubby EVER, that any girl could ask for :)

Besides fulfilling my wishlist, he would try his BEST to be there for me.. no matter how busy he is, he'd take some time out to chat with me on skype :) to know what's going on and what have i been doing and how i'm feeling.. i know sometimes he did feel helpless when i told him i'm not feeling well or i injured myself or something.. he ALWAYS ALWAYS remind me to drive safely coz he said that he's so far away from me and he doesn't want anything bad to happen to me.. he's such a doll :)

Okay.. as usual i'd get carried away talking about my hubby :p~ i just can't help it.. he's the ONLY man in my life now AND i love him sooooooooooooooooooooooo much.. i won't hurt him.. not now and not in the future.. he's MY EVERYTHING..

ps: bb, i can't wait for you to come home.. i miss you terribly and i'm trying to hold on and be strong but i do feel vulnerable at times.. promise me that you'd come home safely coz i just can't live without you.. i love you *muacks*


I'm sure every car enthusiasts would agree with me that TEIN make the best absorbers around :) so my bb got the Type Flex Damper set :-

Was still in the box last few weeks ago..

And today, i got a sms from
Desmond.. he asked if i'd be free today coz he's gonna install the absorbers later :) i quickly jumped out from my bed and get ready and took my trusty ol' camera along.. hehe..

When i arrived there, this is what i saw :-

The car was up and the rims was out.. the mechanic was starting to install the absorbers!!

The old absorbers which was still intact..

And replaced by the brand-spanking-new Tein absorber

Ah~~ Tein + Brembo.. a good combination, huh? ;)

These are the rear absorbers

The beast has been hibernating for almost 9 months.. i miss the beast :(

See how dirrrrrrrrrrty it is.. it needs a good wash :)

Oh yea, Desmond told me that he'd 'wake' the beast up within this week!!! HOOOOORAY!!! yea, i'm damn EXCITED!!! so, stay tune for the 'awakening'... hahahah

Saturday, July 21, 2007

can anyone be more civilized?

WARNING: the first part of this post is non-halal..

First of all, i've to say that the crispy roast pork @ siew yoke at Mr Ho's Fine Dining ROCKS!! ok ok.. i think i'm the last person who's so excited about it.. coz many people told me that it's SUPER DUPER delicious.. i had dinner at Midvalley today with my aunty, uncle and grandma.. since 3 of them love crispy roast pork so much, i took them to Mr Ho's..

This is what my grandma AND my uncle ordered :-

*yummy* isn't
THAT look delicious? it comes with a small portion of rice so i had to ordered another bowl of rice for my uncle and grandma

And this is my pan grilled dory :) i did not ordered the siew yoke coz i don't eat it :p~

Anyway, that's not what i wanted to blog about today.. the main reason i blog is to tell EVERYONE to 'MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS'.. if you don't like the way i dress, fark off!!! ok ok *take deep breath*.. as what i've mentioned, i was at Midvalley today.. i was wearing this :-

The green top from MNG.. it's not THAT revealing, riiiiiiight??

I noticed that many people looked at me.. i mean.. er... my cleavage.. i mean i could understand when guys look BUT i saw a lady looked at me 'there' as she walked past me..

WTF! i SWEAR i know THAT look, you biatch! don't you dare to judge me!! probably you think that i'm some China chick who comes here to 'work'..i AM a married woman and i'm NOT some slut, okay? being married doesn't mean that i've to wear like you, AUNTY!! wearing something sexy and a short skirt, doesn't mean that i'm not a decent woman.. it just barely means that i'm proud of who i am and also my body.. oh well, i guess you can't pull it off like i do, so i don't blame you.. i feel sorry for you in fact now....... NOT!!!

I've also noticed that guys stared at me.. even they were with their gfs/wives.. come on.. if you want to look, don't be soooooooooooooooooooooooo OBVIOUS! most of them would stared an stared while they walked past me and they even turned their heads! now, THAT is RUDE..

So, this makes me wonder.. if people could judge a person by how they look or dressed or the car they drive and etc, how would they judge me? people do think that i'm too young to be married.. even with my rings on my fingers..

I wonder what would my future neighbours think about me and my bb.. would they think that i'm my bb's mistress? would they think that my bb is a malay? would they think that our place was bought with our parents money? and etc.. i mean people do like to judge a book by its cover.. i mean, hey.. my bb only comes back home for 6 weeks and will be working for 6 weeks.. he's seldom at home.. people might think that when my bb is away, he's actually with HIS family (wife & kids).. and when people see our cars, they'd think that my bb bought it for me and he's from a rich family.. or people might think that i'm a 'working girl'.. who knows? SOME people do have WILD imaginations..

Oh oh, when i first used my credit card at Forever 21.. the cashier looked surprised AND i know she looked at my signature behind my card to make sure it's REALLY my card.. i mean, hey.. can't a 26 year-old have a platinum card??? and today when i asked the waiter for the bill after the dinner, he went straight to my uncle! what the....?? come on, i asked for the bill SO i'm gonna pay for it, alright??? after i gave him the card and he came back for the signature, he went to my uncle AGAIN!! i took the bill and signed it.. didn't he check who is the owner of the card? my name is written on it, for god's sake! my uncle's name isn't Nicole.. which part of him looks like a Nicole.. grrrrrrrrrrrr....

To sum all this up, i mean why do people like to judge other people? are they so BLARDY great that they have the right to do that? are they saints? and also Malaysians *shaking my head*.. it's our 50th Independence Day next month.. why can't we be more civilized? stop spitting.. stop raping your blardy own daughter/grand daughter.. stop jumping queues.. stop criticizing others and passing bad remarks about others.. stop leaving your manners at home (what's the use of teaching us morale in school?).. stop being ignorant.. etc etc..

ps: i hate 'the-time-of-the-month' coz i will become grumpy.. AND also it doesn't help when my bb is so far away from me and i can't get hold of him :( no phone calls, no sms, no emails.. nothing.. for at least a week!! arghhhhhhhhhh.... so, excuse me.. i'd like to crawl under my blanket now and hug my smelly pillow to sleep AND also dream of my bb *teary eye*

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the new me?

Hooooray!!! i've REALLY lost some weight!!! how i know? well coz i can fit nicely in my jeans :p~ lesser fat squishing out from my jeans.. hahaha.. so in order to celebrate it, i've decided to do something with my hair!!! hahaha... *geng geng geng*

Today i told my bb that i want to 'revamp' myself.. i've always have this boring hairstyle.. the long straight hair.. like this :-

My bb agree of me 'revamping' myself :) so today i went to A Cut n Above.. for the VERY first time.. for a change.. hehe.. i stood in front of the shop and saw that for ladies, they have 4 (junior stylist, senior stylist, creative director and Winnie Loo herself *owner*) different prices! i decided to go for the creative director as the difference between a senior stylist and a creative director was only RM20.. Patrick, the creative director attended me.. he suggested for me to go bop (if i dare).. i told him what i wanted and asked him for his opinion.. next thing i know after shampoo-ing, *snip snip snip*.. there goes my long hair :'(

So, here goes nothing...

Okay, now you can say how fugly i look.. don't i look like a china doll??? my bb wanted it :) i paid RM 135 and walked away feeling kinda happy..

ps: i have to get used to have fringe again.. argh!!!!! and btw bb, you said my fringe isn't short? before i cut it, it was til my chin.. ok?? :p

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

in love again?

Yeah.. i'm SO in love again.. *in dog's heaven* bb, don't be jealous, ok? hehe.. i'm not cheating on you.. i'm just in love with boboie :) he's SUCH A cutie!!!

Don't argue with me.. see the pics below :-

Oh yea, see the difference of the two pictures below :-

He GREW, right?? hehe.. just 2 months i brought him home :) he can eat and sleep alot.. so maybe that's why he grew so much-ie... i love boboie *muacks muacks*

Monday, July 16, 2007

~ my new phone ~

Okay okay.. i know some of you people are eager to know what phone i got.. hehe.. but if you've read my blog, you'd roughly know which phone that i wanted :p~

Anyway, TA-DAH!!

What do you think? hehe.. i got it last saturday.. the S500i :) the guy who sold this phone to me, said that SE haven't launched this phone YET in kl.. they only managed to take 20 units from SE (coz they're the authorize dealer) to sell it.. they throw in quite a good offer (i think).. RM 1,350 including 2 years warranty AND 1G memory card.. so, was it a sweet offer or what? :p

So, what i like about this phone? first of all, isn't it slim?? it weighs only 94g!! :) i like the color and the pulsating light on both side of the phone too.. it has a few colors (blue, green, red, pink) to choose from.. oh oh, and also the phone suits my color theme of my blog skin! haha.. just jk.. the keypad of the phone is actually dark green but i don't know how it ended up looking black on the pictures :p~ yea, i know.. i'm a lousy photographer :(

I've been waiting for this phone to arrive on our shore since like a month ago or more than that.. i just fell in love with it when i first laid my eyes on it.. hehe.. it's a walkman phone too, btw.. and i can even blog and check my gmail via my phone :) the camera is so-so only as it's only 2MP.. no autofocus or flash.. but it's good enough for me.. if i want a phone with a good camera, i'd gotten the cybershot range instead.. keke..

ps: i've been longing to fully utilize my new phone.. so please.. i appeal to all my friends AND family.. CALL ME!! or SMS ME!!!