Monday, July 30, 2007

hey, what's cooking?

YEAP! i cooked again! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! this time i cooked my favorite pasta.. which is..... *drum rolling* none other than... linguini vongole!! I managed to get some nice vongole.. thanks to my aunty.. she told me that i could find those nice vongole at jusco coz she saw it yesterday while grocery shopping with my grandma.. so after sending my aunty back home, i went to jusco.. i thought of cooking it tomorrow but i forgot that i've to meet my contractor to discuss about my kitchen layout tomorrow.. so i cooked it right after i arrived home..

Ingredients :-
- vongole

- linguini
- olive oil
- chopped garlic
- parsely
- basil
- black pepper

First, washed the vongole.. have to make sure it's clean.. then put it in the pot and boil it with water.. while waiting for the water to boil, take some linguini and put it on the pan with boiling water (add a lil oil so that the water boils faster).. when the vongole is cooked in the boiling water, take out the vongole from the pot and keep the water.. peel out the vongole flesh.. after the linguini is done and strained, pour some olive oil into a pan.. then add the chopped garlic, the water of the vongole and the vongole.. simmer it for awhile.. then add the linguini together and simmer again.. add some parsely, basil and black pepper.. stir it and serve! :)

Okay, i think i should add some dry white wine.. it'd taste better.. hehe.. next round i'd try with the wine ;) here's the pics :-

ps: i'm not a chef BUT my mum said it's nice.. so don't blame me if you follow my recipe and turns out... *yuck* :p~ hehe..


K A said...

spare some for me next time PLEASE!!!!!!!

zewt said...

looks a bit dry... maybe put a bit more sauce... but it still makes my tummy growl... :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

it's not as good as the restaurant's one but still i like it ;)

zewt: in the pic, it looks dry but in real.. it's not.. hehe

Russ said...

Wow, you cooked more food! The vongole looks delicious.. can you pls cooke that for me when im home??? Pleesee???

:: Nicole.F :: said...

ok bb :) anything for u