Wednesday, July 11, 2007


'Malaysia is set to secure a loan of more than RM1.7bil (US$500mil) from China for the construction of the much-awaited second Penang bridge – the largest for any single project given to a foreign country by China.'

WTF! is our gomen 'empty shell'?? no money?? where have ALL our money went? the income tax that we paid every year..

'It is learnt that the Chinese Gomen was willing to give this loan and favourable interest rates because of the close ties between Malaysia and China.'

What does that mean? is it that Malaysia now will allow more girls from china to 'study' here? if so, then don't go around raiding those hotels and clubs.. sheesh!

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Russ said...

i cant believe this... they HAD money for stuff that we never really needed; ie Petronas Twin Towers (not fully utilized), the Ferris Wheel eye on M'sia, the WHOLE OF PUTRAJAYA, etc, but when they NEED something urgent, like another bridge for Penang to help the citizens, they need a loan from another country, and its only gonna be ready in 2011!!!
What happened to all the Toll money they collected over all the years??

Jesus christ...

:: Nicole.F :: said...

not to mention, they have the money to send ppl to outer space

lovegoddess said...

stupid farking gomen of ours!!

we bleed for taxes....and now they've farking messed up with our $$$$$...... god help us